Darren Taylor

Sep 19, 2018

YTTalk Forum is Offline – Domain Issues!

The beloved YouTube Forum YTTalk seems to be offline.


yttalk offline
screenshot showing YTTalk is offline

It appears that the domain name has failed to be verified. The statement on the namecheap holding pages says:

We need email address verification from the owner. This might be because the owner has registered, but has not clicked the verification link in the email sent to them.

I am hoping that the issue is resolved because I love YTTalk. The value I have gained from participating in the forum has helped me grow my YouTube channel in the last year. It looks like the information on the domain name listing with WhoIs is either incorrect, out of date or unverified. In the meantime, I am hoping that the domain isn’t expired, because there is no doubt that there will be 3rd parties watching the YTtalk domain and will be waiting in the wings to buy it.

The longer YTTalk is offline, the more their SEO rankings will suffer. We have seen the impact being offline for a few days can have from an SEO point of view when looking at the visibility of House of Fraser on Google since their takeover from Mike Ashley. They have lost about 60% of their rankings and are still offline and who knows if they will ever recover.

I really hope this doesn’t happen to YTTalk!

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