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YouTube SEO Tactics for SMALL YouTubers

Win at YouTube SEO as a small channel and get the exposure you deserve! Get more views through YouTube SEO strategies!

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SEO For Small YouTubers Doesn't Need To Be a Big Challenge

Life as a small YouTuber is tough, I should know, I am also a small (but growing) YouTuber. In this course you're going to learn how to research topics within your niche and produce videos that get exposure in YouTube search (and Google Search too!).

A lot of people who create YouTube SEO courses already have large channels with tons of exposure and didn't grow via search, they usually grow via a "viral" video that was promoted via the YouTube algorithm in "suggest videos". This course is all about helping you, the small YouTube channel finally get some exposure via search.

My YouTube channel is growing in the incredibly difficult niche of online marketing and I am getting most of my views via search, which is different to most channels that get views via suggested videos, so in this course you'll understand how I am doing it and get to grips with how you can apply this knowledge to your channel too.

As a full time professional SEO, I have been optimizing video content for years and that advantage has helped me along my YouTube journey, so you're in good hands when it comes to growing your YouTube video SEO knowledge.

What You'll Learn

  • Learn how to research keywords and topic in your niche that have low competition and significant search volume
  • Utilize methods that can help you find search keywords not just on YouTube, but Google too!
  • Understand the importance of YouTube video metadata and how it can be optimized
  • Learn to outperform your competition and capitalize on their laziness
  • Understand the impact of thumbnails and how they can affect search
  • Understand the different types of YouTube view
  • Learn how to grow your channel via YouTube search!

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What You'll Learn

Course Content Modules

  • Introduction - What is SEO? And What is YouTube SEO?
  • How Authoritative is Your YouTube Channel vs Your Competitors?
  • Understanding The Different Types of YouTube View
  • Keyword Research - Beyond YouTube
  • Keyword Research Specifically for YouTube
  • Optimizing Your YouTube Meta Data - UPLOADING VIDEOS
  • Optimizing Your Thumbnails and Click Through Rate
  • Using Google Search For YouTube SEO
  • Summary

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