Darren Taylor

Nov 06, 2017

YouTube channel growth episode 3. How to get 100 subscribers



Hey guys, Darren Taylor here, the big marketer coming at you with episode 3 of my YouTube channel growth series. Now, the reason I’m making this video, there are two main reasons. Reason number one is that I haven’t actually filmed that side before, it’s quite a new thing for me.

It’s quite liberating seeing people walking past seeing what I’m doing, being nosy, and having a look, and it’s really, really liberating. I like it. If you guys have never filmed outside in public before, it’s quite a big milestone for someone who’s filming as a YouTuber, you might do it hidden away in your room whatever it might be. Don’t treat it like a dirty little secret go outside, and film because it feels great, to be honest.

The main reason, reason number two as to why I am on this video right now is because this is episode 3 of my YouTube channel growth series, and the last video from episode 2, if you remember, I did at 60 subscribers, and the next video I said I would do would be at a hundred. Now, I’m very pleased to announce that I have finally hit 100 subscribers. In fact, three days ago, I went over a hundred, and I’m currently today sitting at 110.

To everybody who subscribes, watches my videos, likes them, dislikes them, hates them, whatever. Anyone that’s interacted with my videos, thank you so much because it’s helped me get to where I’m going, and now it’s about looking to the next step. But quite often with these videos, what I like to do is look back and see what works for me what didn’t work so well, and how I essentially grew from sixty to a hundred, as small as that milestone is it’s still quite significant.

The biggest thing I did in the last few weeks or the last two weeks in growing from 60 to over 100 YouTube subscribers is I left a comment on a very well renowned channel, and that was Gary Vaynerchuk’s channel. The dailyvee, and I left a comment around how he helped me get started, the motivation he gave me to do that, and get onto YouTube, and start building my personal brand.

That video is incredibly popular, had a lot of eyeballs on it and as a result of my comment being the top comment, a lot of people saw my channel, and I actually gained 20 subscribers off the back of doing that comment on that video. That was really powerful, really useful thing to do.

Guys, in terms of growing your channel in the early days in your sub below 100 subscribers, even below 200 subscribe, it’s a great idea to leave useful, valuable comments on other people’s content that are in your niche. Now, don’t comment and never, never comment spam. Don’t leave anything like, “Look at my channel.” Just make a very insightful comment as to how the video genuinely helps you, and then go from there, and leave a comment.

Because people will naturally be inquisitive, and go onto your channel, and have a look, and see what you offer, and if they like it they will go ahead and subscribe. But do not ever comment spam. You leave a useful comment. Now, that works really, really well for me in the gave me actually 20 subscribers in a few days as a result of doing that.

It’s something I’ll continue to do and something I’d advise you guys to do as well if you’re starting off like me on YouTube. Again, guys, thank you so much for watching and subscribing. If you like this video, go ahead and leave a like, and leave any comments you like in terms of what I’ve been doing, any advice for me because that’s quite important for me at this stage as a newbie YouTuber.

If you’re quite advanced on YouTube, leave a comment to how I can go to the next level because the next video I make in my YouTube channel growth series will be at 200 subscribers, so doubling up basically. I doubled up from 30 from episode 1 to 60 in episode 2, and now episode 3 I’m at 100. At next one, episode 4, I will love to be at 200 subscribers.

Guys, I will see you next time at 200 subscribers on my YouTube channel growth series, but before then, I’ll be releasing tons more videos around everything marketing. If that’s up your street, go ahead and subscribe, and I will see you guys next time.

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