Darren Taylor

Jan 17, 2018

YouTube Channel Growth Ep 4 – How To get 200 Subscribers


Transcript – YouTube Channel Growth Ep 4 – How To get 200 Subscribers

Hey, everyone. Darren Taylor of, with my fourth episode of my YouTube channel growth series. Guys, I’ve just surpassed the 200 subscriber mark. Thank you to everyone who subscribed to my channel. I really do appreciate it. I’m really loving how much I was going, the growth I’m soaring, and myself.

Not just myself, in my subscriber number as well. Guys, thank you very much again. Now, a lot of the times I do these series, I look back at what caused my channel to grow. In previous episodes, I’ve talked about commenting on different people’s YouTube channel, content videos, in the same niche as mine to give insight and opinion. Hopefully getting some subs off the back of that.

There was one comment I made on a Gary Vaynerchuk video when I was trying to get past the 100 mark, that worked really well for me. Well, my journey to 200 has been slower than my journey to 100. Now, Christmas has an impact on that. The winter period is always a bit slow but I still carried on grinding out videos.

I still tried to put out two videos per week at minimum. I definitely hit that threshold. I think being consistent has really, really helped me get past the 200 mark this time around. The other thing that’s helped me really surpass 200 is using my social media network. On Twitter, I’ve got about 5,000 followers. On LinkedIn, I’ve got about 18,000 connections.

youtube channel growth
My channel is growing slowly but surely

Now, of course, not all of these people are going to turn into subscribers because half of them don’t even have a YouTube log-in anyway. The main thing is, by putting content out consistently across social media, you do attract more followers. I have to say, in the last few months, maybe two months or so, which is where I went from 100 to 200, I’ve definitely been sharing a lot more content. A lot more people have been sharing my content too. What does that mean? That means I am getting better at YouTube.

This is great for me and great news for my channel. I love to continue growing as well. Guys, in terms of trying to get to 200 subscribers, if you’re a brand new channel like me, it’s not a huge amount by any means.

In fact, it’s next to nothing. It still shows I’m growing as a channel consistently. If you’re like me and you’re new to the platform, you’ve only been using it for less than six months or whatever it might be, keep plugging away. Keep making videos constantly. One of my favorite YouTube mentors on YouTube itself, Roberto Blake, always says, “Quantity over quality in the early stages.” This might sound counter-productive but it’s absolutely right because, in the beginning, you’re learning a new trade.

You need to get as many executions as you can. Get better in front of the camera. When I look at my first video to where I am now, talking to you right now in front of this camera lens, I can see I’ve got a lot better.

You guys can too as well. I’m glad that we can try and grow together in terms of YouTube and in terms of marketing. I’m very happy with how my channel is going. Thank you for watching. Thank you to all of my subscribers. If you’re watching this and you’re not yet a subscriber, why don’t you go ahead and hit that little button below and subscribe to my channel?

I give you tips, insight, opinion on all things marketing. Guys, I hope you have a great day, a great evening wherever you are in the world. I’ll see you next time.

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