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May 28, 2018

Why do people hate PPC so much!


Transcript – Why do people hate PPC so much!

As a marketer, do you not what’s really surprised me recently? How many people actually hate PPC, I mean hates. I’m talking marketers, I’m talking business owners, generally speaking, PPC, especially Google AdWords, in particular, have never had so many haters. I’m going to break down the top reasons why people hate PPC and the reasons they shouldn’t really hate it because it’s a great platform for getting ROI for your business. I’m going to break down those reasons coming up after this.

Hey there, guys, Darren Taylor of here giving your tips, insight, and opinion on all things marketing. If that’s up your street, you should consider subscribing to my channel. Today, we’re talking about PPC and why so many people hate it so much. It’s been a very common theme recently I see on social media, commentary around PPC, people trying to sell PPC services, other people commenting say PPC doesn’t work, it sucks, et cetera. All wrong, and I’m going to break down the main reasons people hate PPC, so let’s jump right into it.

The first reason people usually hate PPC is because their website sucks, and that’s an obvious one for me. A lot of people really hate PPC because their website is appalling. Why would anyone send targeted PPC traffic to a terrible website? I don’t know. Make sure your website’s optimized to make sure you have call to actions in the right place, make sure you properly sell your services of good copywriting. I mean, guys I’ve talked about this stuff time and time again on my channel, and before I started this channel, and we’re saying it to people for years.

Make sure your website’s ready to convert because if it’s not when it comes to PPC, you’ll be wasting all of your money. If PPC doesn’t work, it might be because your website sucks. Another frequent reason I hear people say PPC doesn’t work is because they’re not tracking things properly, they’re not tracking things and attribute sync things properly in PPC. What do I mean? Somebody might come through your website from PPC, they might not convert today, but later on, down the line, they come for a branded organic search or something like that.

It’s good to understand where PPC fits within that journey, particularly, in B2B or any product with a long sales cycle. But even taking a step back from that, just being able to track things on your website effectively is really going to help prove ROI on PPC. A lot of people aren’t even tracking form submissions because the thank-you page doesn’t change to a thank you URL so they can track it. Or they might do things like not tracking phone calls and understanding the value phone calls bring to their business from paid search. All of these things together are really showing me that a lot of people who hate PPC just aren’t really understanding the value.

Now, some of these reasons people hate PPC as I go on with this video are going to get weirder and weirder. Now next we’ve got another weird one which is people don’t trust Google. Now, a lot of people don’t trust big companies, of course, they don’t, but when it comes to not trusting Google, a lot of more people in business and business owners tend to think Google is a big conglomerate that’s just after their money. Now, of course, Google want to make money, but they’ll fail to make money consistently unless their products work.

I can tell you right now first hand Google AdWords works. Now, yes there are some situations where Google are a bit greedy, for example, the changes they made to AdWords where you can actually spend a 100%, a 200% of your budget within one day, for example, when Google feels like it, as if they know your industry better than you do. There are things like that that they do, they call up with account management calls asking you to add some really sucky terrible keywords to your account, but these are outliers generally speaking within the AdWords products.

At the end of the day, as an as an advertiser, you’re going to give your money to somebody to market your product. People and companies good to reach are huge companies and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t necessarily come out the gates and not trusting them if the results are consistent and over time you’re getting results, then what does it matter. I did say the reasons are going to get weirder, but these are actual true reasons I’ve heard many times. The next one is just as weird, and that is people think users don’t click the adverts at all.

Now, a lot of business owners know that Google’s top results on the search results page are adverts. They tend to think, “I don’t want to click that. I don’t want to click an advert, so I’m going to go down to the organic search results instead,” but let’s be honest, people, of course, click the adverts. Now, running a PPC campaign, a good click-through rate could be anything depending on industry from 5% up even 25%, and some of the campaigns I’ve run are definitely hit click-through rates of 25% or so for some industry. People are clicking the ads. Just because you don’t click the ads, doesn’t mean people don’t.

why hate PPC
Why do so many people hate PPC? because they do it wrong!

The sheer fact Google’s revenue mostly comes from their PPC products, you can clearly see why PPC works and why people do click the adverts. There’s no insane situation where people will never click PPC adverts, people will. Even though the organic clicks get more and the organically click-through rate on Google search results page is higher, yes that’s true, but people will always click adverts at the end of the day as well.

The next reason is very much a classic for 2018 and 2017, and that’s with the inception of massive spending on Facebook advertising, and that’s people saying Facebook ads are better for me, not Google advertising. I think Facebook will be better for my business, more people are moving their money from Google onto Facebook, which is true, but they’re very different advertising products and very different niches will get different results out of either product.

You can’t discount either, there’s such binary motions in advertising and marketing so many times these days where people say, “I’m going to do this and not this, or I’m going to do SEO, not PPC and PPC, and not SEO.” Just do all of it, do everything you can to bring revenue to your business.

Don’t hold yourself back by preconceived ideas or notions around what might work or what might not work. Try, it’s a rate test, and get results. That’s the way to do marketing and the same applies when you’re looking at Facebook advertising and Google advertising, they are different products.

In my opinion, I think the conversion rate on Google advertising will be higher naturally because people are looking for the products right now to click a result while they’re looking where Facebook’s more passive, but can work really well for things people aren’t necessarily looking for, but well targeted adverts with the right kind of theme and the right kind of product will do much better than on Google, for example, in the e-commerce or fashion industry, for example, will do much better on Facebook quite often. Guys, use both, use all the tools you have at your disposal.

Another reason people hate PPC is because they think their competition are clicking their ads. This is a classic that’s been around for years, and yes, click fraud, to some degree, does exist. In fact, there are businesses and companies out there who specialize in platforms to detect and stop click fraud. It is and it can be an issue in some small minor cases, but nine times out of ten or even 99.9% out of 100% of the time your competitors are not clicking your ads. Do you know why? They are too damn busy running their own business, that’s why.

People aren’t going to click your adverts and sit around all day clicking, clicking, clicking. It’s just not conceivable, and Google does have safeguards in place to detect click fraud. They’re not the best, I’ll agree with that for myself as well, but there are safeguards in place where if someone consistently does it from a specific IP address consistently, then it can be detected. You can do your own homework as well. You can look at your website log files, start to analyze data that way as well from IP addresses frequenting your website.

If you see any patterns within that that look like click fraud, then somebody can help you detect that, and you can make sure that you don’t show your adverts to people from IP addresses who potentially are producing fraudulent clicks. Again, it’s a lot of work for a problem that doesn’t really exist. People aren’t really doing this because business owners are too busy running their own damn businesses.

The final reason I’ve seen people hate PPC is more about human nature than is about PPC in general, and that is people don’t realize how hard PPC is. They think, “I want to set a campaign, [unintelligible 00:07:43] on a few keywords, run a few ads, and that’ll be it, boom. So I’m ready to go and my business will fly.” No, it doesn’t work like that. Either you work hard to understand the platform of Adwords or Bing ads to a lesser extent as well, and you learn and develop and as a business owner, you can actually develop your skills over time. You will make some losses in the early stages to try to understand what to do, but the main thing is an expert should be managing your account, whether you train yourself up to become an expert or whether you hire an expert yourself, an expert needs to be working on your account.

Otherwise, you’re not going to get any results. You’re not going to get anything from PPC if you don’t understand the platform back to front. Again, to reiterate, it’s not easy. If you think it’s easy, there’s no surprise you think PPC is a terrible idea, because if you think it’s easy to do, and you set a campaign up and it flops, then there’s a reason for that, because you haven’t learned enough to get the results you need.

Thank you, guys for watching. If you like this video, please, leave me a like below, let me know how you’re getting on with your PPC campaigns, do you believe in PPC or do you think it’s just something that’s going to disappear the more social media advertising comes in or do you think PPC is the best thing ever? Let me know in the comments below, more important than that, don’t forget to subscribe, check out the other content on my channel, and I’ll see you guys on my next video.

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