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Nov 10, 2018

Why CONTENT MARKETING is the HOTTEST Skill in Digital Marketing


Transcript – Why CONTENT MARKETING is the HOTTEST Skill in Digital Marketing

Now, as a search engine marketer myself, you might think this video is a bit counterproductive on my part because who wants to say that they’re not massively important when it comes to their industry. However, in this video, I’m going to break down why I think content creators, specifically, content writers, are the hottest property and the most powerful property in digital marketing as of now and into the future as well, coming up.


Hey there, guys. Darren Taylor of here. My job is to teach you all about search engine marketing. If that’s up your sleeve, you should consider subscribing to my channel. Today, I’m putting search engine marketing aside because in this video, I’m talking about why content is so important and why I think content marketers are the hottest property in marketing right now.

The first reason content marketers should be the hottest property in marketing right now is because content writing opens up new markets. What do I mean by that? What I mean is creating content and talking about problems and being able to resolve those specific problems with a solution or a product is really, really important in growing a business. If you want to reach new people who aren’t necessarily in the market but they may have a problem creating the right content and targeting it correctly who help you open up that market and actually let people know that they have a problem that you could potentially resolve.

Creating content around those problems and creating content to reach those specific user types within your industry is really going to make a massive difference to your business. This is the first thing I think when it comes to content writing and why it’s so important.

The next point should go without saying, and that is content has a massive influence on SEO. Of course, creating new valuable content really helps your overall website profile in general. In addition to that, writing content in the right way can also target initial long tail keywords as well around your industry.

content is king
“Content is king” is a phrase you hear often, but it’s so true!

In previous videos, I’ve talked about tactics on how to do this and how to find those target keywords within your niche that you could quite easily optimize and create content for. When you have a ton of keywords you want to try and rank for, it’s really important you have a content writer who can deliver volume as well as the value as well. Those two things become really important, and the more frequent you execute on content, the more chances you get to rank organically. This is massive for a business.

Could you imagine writing content, knowing you’re in a comfortable position where you’re more than likely able to rank for specific niche terms and building up that backlog and that profile of content around your industry? It might be a bit if drip-drip effect so it won’t necessarily bring tons of traffic overnight, some of them might not even get a huge amount of traffic at all but the accumulated effect of doing that over time is really, really going to help, and that’s where a good content writer becomes worth their weight in gold.

Number three is quite an obvious reason, and that is content makes people buy stuff. I know in the first point I mentioned it was about opening up markets and introducing new products, essentially that is making people buy stuff but what I’m talking about in this point specifically is sales related copy. Getting people to read a piece of content and transact with you is very, very difficult.

A lot of people think they are content writers and I know personally a lot of small businesses write their own content. The business owner would write the content, they might get one of their staff members, maybe receptionist, maybe someone who is the admin to write their content on their website, and that’s okay. But in actual fact, content writing is a very specific skill. Is a very specific skill set, and the better you are at doing it, the more likely your website will convert.

Don’t be upset or offended if you aren’t a professional content writer and you think you can write content. I’m here to tell you that isn’t the case, you cannot write content if you haven’t trained, if you haven’t practiced, if you haven’t executed time and time again writing content. Get someone in who can actually write really valuable content. Who’s a good content writer in terms of sales, copy and who can make clicks turn into customers simply by reading your messaging and your brand positioning.

It’s more difficult than it sounds, believe me, and you’ll save a lot of money in the long run if you get someone to write your copy for you. Either that or you learn how to write yourself, which is another story altogether. But I’ve linked up in the description below my favorite book about copywriting for sales as well. That might help you if you’re in that situation yourself.

Now, you can see why I think content writers are the hottest property in digital marketing, and why I think it’s really time for businesses to take that role seriously and actually start investing in content writers. I can imagine lots of content writers thinking, “Write on, this is all about us.” Of course, content writing is one part of a massive strategy, but in this video what I want to highlight is how I find it as an undervalued part of strategy.

People understand SEO especially the technical stuff is very valuable and not really very niche skill people who look at and think if I’m not a specialist, I can’t do it. Same with PPC. If people think they’re not specialist, they likely think they can’t do it. Pretty much all elements of digital marketing but for some reason except copywriting, everybody thinks they can write their own web copy. It’s just something businesses do.

In this video, I really want to implore you that when you’re sharing stuff on social media, you want to make sure it’s good. When people go to your website and they wanted to transact with you, they’re not going to do that without good content. You’re not going to open up new markets and reach new potential customers with mediocre content. Guys, it’s really time to start investing in your content writers and I really hope you do take content writing more seriously in your business and you really feel the benefits by doing so as well.

Thank you guys so much for watching this video. If you liked it, please leave me a like below. Let me know in the comments if you take copywriting seriously or not. Be honest with me, let me know if you write your own web copy when you haven’t had much much practice. More important than that, don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the other content on my channel. I’ll see you guys on my next video.

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