Darren Taylor

May 07, 2019

Three Pressing Ways WordPress Can Turbocharge Your Marketing

WordPress sites are lifesavers for professionals. With one of these, things like page designs and HTML are primarily taken care of for you. If you’re willing to pay a small fee, you can even enjoy the benefits of a private domain your WordPress page. And, as if all those benefits weren’t enough, you could soon find that hosting your site with WordPress turbocharges your digital marketing.

You don’t need us to tell you that digital marketing matters a fair amount. Some would go as far as to say that your website won’t get anywhere without it. Your success in this area dictates everything from the attention you receive to the sales you secure. And, it isn’t always an easy goal to get your head around.

But, WordPress hosting could take a whole host of difficulties out of your digital marketing. Keep reading to find out how.


Every post on a WordPress site provides a chance to tag and categorise your content. This is fantastic news, as it allows you to take keywords one step further. That can increase your website traffic and conversion rates no end. If you use methods like these right, you could even enjoy improved SEO rankings. And, you don’t need us to tell you why that would be a positive for your business. Using tags to highlight your content can also go a considerable way towards reducing bounce rates. That’s because they can ensure that the people who land on your page actually want to be there. All because you chose to host with WordPress.


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WordPress is also renowned for its vast array of available plugins. Many of them can help in your digital marketing efforts. Note that, to ensure the proper installation of options like these, you might want to seek WordPress help and support from companies like Fixed. They have the know how to install any plugin while ensuring it doesn’t cause issues elsewhere on your page. Once you reach out, though, you could benefit from plugins like PageBuilder. This allows you to build landing pages which boost SEO. You could even use marketing automation plugins like Leadin. As if all that weren’t enough, plugins like Disgus could improve your comment capabilities. Again, a decent commenting option can make you shine in the eyes of Google.

Ready-made mobile friendly themes

WordPress also comes complete with plenty of ready-made, mobile friendly themes. This is vital given that Google now dislikes sites which aren’t mobile responsive. That’s no surprise when you consider that around 56% of search clicks now come from mobile traffic. By using a theme which is already ready for mobile, you can keep your site high in the rankings without any effort. All you need to do is look for mobile options when searching through those themes.

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As you can see, WordPress has got digital marketing down. If you want to go far without having to put in too much effort, then, this could well be the website host for you.

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