Darren Taylor

Feb 06, 2019

The Surprising Ways You Can Make Money With Digital Marketing

Businesses and bloggers often see digital marketing as a drain on their finances. But thanks to the power of internet-enabled business models, that’s not necessarily the case. Although internet marketing can cost money, there are also many ways that you can leverage your online position to make money at the same time. It seems like voodoo, but it’s seriously legit.

Making money through digital marketing has costs and benefits, just like every other form of marketing. Often there’s extra work or perhaps a dilution of your own marketing material. But that doesn’t mean that overall you can’t benefit from certain tools and features that allow you to grab back some of the money that you’re currently spending on outreach.

So how can you make money with digital advertising? Let’s take a look.



Start Offering Tutorials On YouTube

YouTube is one of the fastest-growing and most widely used social media platforms in the world. Although it doesn’t often feature in discussions of social media, it’s video-centric format is a little bit like Instagram, but on steroids. Videos allow you to do so much more for your target audience than pictures. You can provide tutorials, offer workshops, and do troubleshooting videos to help people get to know your product, solve a problem, or learn something new.

Whatever you decide to use videos for, the monetary rewards can be quite substantial, especially if you join the YouTube partner programme. Using advertisements and gaining commission can turn what is otherwise a time-consuming task into something that generates not only interest in what you’re doing, but real income too (helpful if you’re just starting something up).


Sell Your Photos

If you’ve got a DSLR lying around unused, then you could be missing a trick. Companies and bloggers are in constant search for new, sexy images that they can post on their blogs and websites. Companies, in particular, need people who are able to take great pictures of products, particularly food and devices. The good news is that you don’t have to set up your own photography business to start cashing in on potential revenue from selling photos. All you have to do is become a member of Shutterstock or iStockPhoto and offer your photos, for a fee, through those sites. Every time a company or blogger makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

Of course, once you submit your photos to a site like that, you’ll no longer have exclusive use over them. But if you’re taking a lot of photos for a marketing project, it might be worth selling a few surplus photos through an online portal. You never know, some of your photos could prove to be hits, generating royalties down the road.


Set Up An SEO Affiliate Programme

Right now, there’s a lot of demand for SEO services from companies trying to boost their ranking on search engines. Perhaps you’re spending money on SEO too. Although spending on SEO is usually seen as a drain on the financial resources of your enterprise, it turns out that, yes, you can make money here too.

But how?

SEO affiliate programmes allow bloggers and companies conducting marketing campaigns to generate money every time they direct a customer to another business. Sounds strange, but bear with me. Bloggers with popular websites can forward potential customers to firms selling relevant SEO products, earning a commission in the process. There are no fees usually associated with these programmes, and money gets paid to you automatically, through Paypal usually, depending on how much money new clients spend. Many companies offer these types of programmes. Check out the FATJOE affiliate program here.


Write Articles For Third-Party Sites

Writing is probably a big part of your online marketing efforts. Content drives relevance which drives traffic which drives conversions. If you’ve been in the internet marketing game for any significant period of time, then it’s likely that you’ve built a whole library of interesting content, relevant to your particular field of expertise.

Once you’ve generated all the content you need for your particular website or blog, you can then start using it as a basis for content for other websites and blogs. Not only will this help get your message in front of a broader audience, but you can get paid for it too. You can effectively recycle older content on your website – usually, in a fraction of the time it took you to create it – and repost it elsewhere, generating links and possibly earning commission. So what’s stopping you?


Teach Others How To Do Effective Digital Marketing

Although you might be a bit of a whizz at digital marketing, not everyone is in the same boat. Most people find digital marketing somewhat impenetrable. The learning curve is just too steep.

If you’ve got the knowledge and the skills to tutor people about digital marketing, then you could put what you’ve learned about the process to good use and earn money in the process. Currently, there’s a big demand for effective tutors who can communicate the essentials of digital marketing to a lay audience. Even large companies need the help of digital marketing experts who can teach them about how to market their products, which tools to use, and where to direct their resources. It’s by no means clear cut.

Becoming a virtual tutor is easy. You don’t have to travel around the country meeting people in person. A lot of what you need to convey can be done online. Choose a conferencing app, like Zoom, buy a high-quality webcam, and get started.

Digital marketing doesn’t have to be a drain on your resources. Although it should generate a positive return in the long run, you can use your skills in the space to generate an income right now. As you have seen, there are plenty of options to do so, many of which rely on your skills as a marketer. As with anything, there are costs and benefits, but if the benefits outweigh the costs, then why not give it a go?

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