Darren Taylor

Jun 15, 2018

Should you outsource your marketing overseas? Maybe…


Transcript – Should you outsource your marketing overseas?

People often ask me Darren, should I outsource my PPC, SEO or any element of my marketing or creative to an overseas based company? My answer is always the same, it depends. Hey guys, this Darren Taylor of here giving you tips insight and opinion on all things marketing. If that’s up your street you should consider subscribing to my channel. Today we’re talking about overseas outsourcing and whether you should or shouldn’t do that in terms of SEO, PPC or marketing or creative for your business. Let’s get the obvious out the way first.

Overseas outsourcing has a massively negative opinion surrounding it. A lot of people don’t like the idea about sourcing overseas. They think they’re going to not have as much control or visibility on what’s going on. They feel that the quality of work wouldn’t be as good as what they’re produced in their home native country. Are all these things true? No. Again, it depends. Now don’t get me wrong. A lot of overseas businesses don’t do themselves any favor with the amount of spam that you get from for example countries like India where you get tons of SEO emails in your inbox kind of saying, “I’ll give you PageRank 10 or PageRank 9 links to your website. Check out these domains and I’ll give you some links.”

These kind of emails are not helpful and of course, this kind of spam really puts people off even considering working with businesses based overseas but like anything in life you shouldn’t take that as the example of what people can produce overseas because I’ve seen creative and marketing outsourcing work extremely well in businesses big and small.

How exactly do you get good results from outsourcing your marketing overseas? Well these simple tips will help. First of all, the first thing to think about is make sure you’re on the same page. Now of course this doesn’t just apply to overseas companies you work with, it applies if you’re working with companies based here in the UK as well.

Make sure you’re on the same page but even more so because of the language barrier when often working overseas, make sure you’ve got a clear concise brief with simple laid out thought-out objectives because ambiguity causes problems in the UK where everyone speaks the same language, when people don’t speak the same language and of course that can cause in the future. There can be misrepresentations, there could be miscommunications and you want to make sure that everyone’s on the same page for the project so write an excellent amazing brief when you do outsourced overseas.

outsource marketing overseas
You should consider outsourcing marketing overseas if it fits our business model

Another thing you should do is you should be using software to manage the process of the actual campaigns themselves using things like Basecamp where you can actually get projects undergoing. You can see the progress that’s made on either side of the project, you could share results, you could share files, you can share ideas make sure everything’s in the same place and recorded and logged as well. If you’re not using a piece of software like Basecamp you probably run into issues in the future because not everybody will be on the same page and finally just like you would when hiring an agency in the UK, be very selective when it comes to picking an agency overseas.

Don’t just think all these guys are overseas they’re cheap we’ll just use them and then that will be it. Go through exactly the same tendering process you normally would when it will come to a UK based agency. Work and proof of concept and what the companies have done examples of testimonials companies they’ve worked with in your territory. For me it would be the UK if I was going to outsource my PPC to India for example. I would want to see examples of clients they’ve worked with in the UK and I would want to be able to contact those clients too and understand what results they’re getting out of their campaigns as well.

Another thing to consider is scale. If your business is fast growing rapidly growing building revenue, building staff numbers, building advertising spend, you want to make sure the agency you outsource to can also grow at the same rate as you. You want to make sure they can hire new people if needed to bring onto the project maybe move people around, check the size of their organisation as well and that will really help you get an understanding of what they can achieve over time and make sure you can scale and then they can scale at the same time you do as well. Finally, this one is pretty big and if you’ve got a big business when large budgets and you are looking at overseas outsourcing then go out and see the people you’re outsourcing to.

I’ve been on trips in the past to the Philippines to see agencies that I’ve worked with in the past for outsourcing for large businesses and it’s been fantastic. You get to put names to faces, you get to shake hands with people, you get to speak to people in the same room and get on the same page and it really makes things simple and you can go back to the country go back to the UK be really happy, really confident knowing that they’re going to do a great job for your business and more importantly that they can scale with your business as well. Should you outsource your marketing overseas? Again, it depends.

Now you’ve got a clearer idea if you want to do it, what you should be doing and what to avoid as well. Thank you guys so much for watching, if you like this video please leave me a like below. Let me know how you’ve got on outsourcing your marketing overseas for your business. Let me know the success stories and of course if there’s been any issues let me know that as well. It’s good to get balanced on these kind of discussions and more important than that don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you guys on my next video.

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