Darren Taylor

Feb 25, 2018

SEO Success is DIRECTLY Linked to Your REAL WORLD Impact


Transcript – SEO Success is DIRECTLY Linked to Your REAL WORLD Impact

SEO is, of course, a very technical subject, especially when you look at technical SEO itself and all the individual things that go into SEO in terms of link building and your on-page activity and the setup of your website. Too many people focus on this too much and ignore the real-world impact of SEO and your business. What I mean by that is your SEO success is directly proportional to the impact your business makes in real world.

Imagine two businesses, one business is doing everything right on its website SEO wise, has got perfect optimization, it’s got perfect technical abilities and technical SEO set up perfectly. There are no issues on the page whatsoever, it’s an absolutely quick website and they a number of backlinks as well that they work for and do a lot of outreach for and great social media.

Great, fantastic, but that business, number one, has a poor business model, it’s got terrible reviews, its product is poor, its service is poor, and it doesn’t really make an impact in the real world.

Picture business number two, their website might not be technically sound, it might have a number of issues on it. It might have the best set up SEO wise, but they’re making a huge disruption in their space and people are talking about them. Just by doing that alone, all of that, I guess, authority and the links that come from doing things like that and being disruptive is going to help boost their SEO.

seo impact
SEO isn’t something that’s isolated from the real world!

On one hand, you’ve got one model where people are really trying to force people to link to their website and business number two, on the other hand, they don’t do anything to ask for links, but because of the power of their service and their product, they get a number of links coming to them, which makes SEO so much easier.

Look, I’m a digital marketer, I love digital marketing and I know it’s something that works really well, but even from me saying that, some of the best marketing campaigns and marketing activity I’ve seen is from people who don’t’ even need to do any marketing at all because the strength of their product and service is so disruptive, so powerful, that they can get links, they can get people talking about their business and customers come to them.

There’s a fantastic book on this called Unsubscribed. I reckon you guys should check this book out because it talks about exactly the business model and the hype and disruption you need to cause to be able to get customers to flock to you. You can become selective at that point, when your business can say “I want to work with you” or “I don’t want to work with you” because I know what my setup is and what I can have the best impact on in terms of a customer coming to my business.”

That’s where we all want to be in business, you want people to come to you, and you don’t have to fish for customers because if they come to you they are going to be amazing customers because they know your brand, they know about you, they know everything that you could do for them.

To finalize what I’m saying, SEO is a fantastic way to grow your traffic and your sales in your business, but don’t forget the real-world impact your business should make because the bigger your impact, the better your SEO will be, naturally because people will want to link to you and want to talk about you, and there’ll be tons of mentions of you across the whole of the web because of what you’re doing. So don’t forget that impact first and most of all.

Thank you guys for watching, if you liked this video, please go ahead and leave a like. I’ve left a link to the book Unsubscribed in the description below because this is a great book explaining how disruptive businesses get so many customers flocking towards them, which is fantastic, so guys check that book out, and more important than that, don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time.

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