Darren Taylor

Dec 17, 2018

3 SEO Myths You Should Never Listen To

SEO is an art form that many businesses fail to master. The algorithms that govern search rankings are always changing and it’s so hard to keep on top of the new rules and make sure that you’re doing the right thing. Luckily, there’s a lot of great information and tips out there (like the ones on this website) that can help you get it right. Listening to expert advice to help you with your SEO is always a good idea, as long as you can be sure that it’s expert advice. Unfortunately, for every piece of good advice out there, there is some really bad advice. That’s because people get the wrong idea about SEO and, even though they might think that they know what they’re doing, they really don’t. If you’re working on your SEO strategy, make sure that you don’t listen to these common myths.

SEO Is A Scam

Hopefully, you know that this is rubbish, but some people do still fall for it if they’ve been stung by SEO scams before. There are a lot of bad services out there that will offer to handle your SEO strategy for you and then do absolutely nothing, except take money out of your bank account every month, of course. You’ll be paying money for SEO services but it won’t have any positive impact on traffic or sales. Businesses that have been caught out by this in the past will often think that SEO is just a scam and you don’t really need it. But you do, and if you get a proper SEO company that actually knows what they’re doing, you’ll see some good results. If anybody ever tells you that SEO is a scam, they’re wrong and they’ve just had a bad experience with it in the past.

Link Building Doesn’t Work

Recently, you might have heard people say that link building isn’t a good strategy anymore, but that isn’t the case at all. While Google might be more strict about some of the bad forms of link building, you won’t be penalized for genuine link building through content marketing. As long as you’re building good quality links on sites that are actually relevant, it’s still a good strategy for your SEO.

Social Activity Doesn’t Count

There is a good reason that this myth exists. Google stated that they don’t take likes on Tweets and Facebook accounts when they’re ranking pages. That means that your social media activity is irrelevant, right? Actually, it’s a very misleading statement on the part of Google. While it’s true that getting a load of likes won’t directly impact your rankings, a good social media following improves SEO in all sorts of different ways. It massively improves your content marketing and encourages more people to create natural links to your site, which boosts SEO. So, social media is absolutely important, even if getting a lot of likes won’t automatically boost your rankings.

If you’re listening to any of these myths about SEO, your strategy simply isn’t going to work.

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