Darren Taylor

Feb 18, 2019

Run Your Business Remotely With These Go-To Tips

Traditionally, the stereotype of an entrepreneur is someone who sits in their office all day, while they manage all of their employees who are in the same workspace. The company is run from this one office space, and everyone who is working for the business will be based in this one space. However, for the past few years now, some entrepreneurs have been pushing the boundaries of this stereotype and now quite a few business owners aren’t stuck in a corporate office all day. In fact, thank to the dawn of the internet and the digital world, there are now more entrepreneurs who have been able to set up a company remotely and manage their team even when they are on the go.

You might think that trying to stay on top of everything and liaising with your team would be so hectic, especially if you are trying to do it while you are constantly on the road. But lots of entrepreneurs have already figured out how they can make this work for them. Here are some go-to tips that most on-the-go business use on a daily basis.

Look For Remote Employees

Some people try to work remotely while managing a team of employees who work in the same office. This might sound like it would be productive – after all, all of your staff will be working from the same base, so that should help them support one another and could aide communication, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work like that. In fact, you could quickly feel very left out. So, it’s best to stick to hiring employees who will also work remotely, just like you.Thankfully, there are lots of great communication tools, such as Slack and Skype, that you will be able to use to keep in touch with everyone.

Learn How To Trust Your Team

When you don’t work closely with your team on a daily basis, you might find that it can be quite difficult to trust them. But when your whole team is working on a remote basis, it is really important that you start to fully trust them. Otherwise, you could run the risk of turning into a micromanager and check in on them at every chance you get. That isn’t going to be very motivating for them, and it will come across very clearly that you don’t really trust them. There are ways you can increase your trust in your team, though. For instance, if you hire individuals who have plenty of skills and experience, then you will find peace of mind knowing that you have hired the best people for the job.

Remove Distractions From Your Home Office

You will probably be working for the majority of the time from your own home. You’ll no doubt have set up your very own home office in your spare room or in the corner of your living room. Whatever you do, though, you need to remove any potential distraction from your office. As this is your main base, it’s where you will be carrying out the bulk of your work, and you probably won’t have enough time to procrastinate and be distracted. It needs to be a space that is optimised for work so that you can use your time there as productively as possible.

Hire A Virtual Assistant

Lots of entrepreneurs who work remotely find that setting up a schedule and sticking to it works extremely well for them. This means that you will have to organise your diary well and keep a close eye on any new emails that pop into your inbox. As you can probably tell, this will end up adding a few more admin tasks to your day. If you are already busy as it is, you might not have the time for all of this extra work. Thankfully, there is a solution to this – you just need to outsource this basic admin to a virtual assistant. The VA will be able to take over your diary and inbox, so that you get a helping hand in sorting out your weekly schedule. Not only that, though, but the VA can help you liaise with the rest of the team and can even remind you about important meetings and appointments.

Automate Certain Processes

Lots of on-the-go entrepreneurs find that automating certain business processes helps to free up some of their time so that they can focus on the running of the business, rather than ending up side-tracked by accounts and stock takes. If you get a good accounting and bookkeeping software, you will be ready for MTD for VAT in no time at all, and all of your annual filing will be a lot smoother. It’s also a good idea to invest in a stocktake software if you hire out warehouse space, as this will help you keep on top of all best-before dates as it should help improve stock rotation.

Use Cloud Storage

Even though you may not work closely with your employees, you will still need to share documents and other important paperwork with them on a regular basis. The best way you can do this when you all work remotely in different locations, is to use cloud storage. Cloud storage is extremely secure. As the documents won’t be stored on a hard drive, you don’t have to worry about losing them should a computer in your network break or be attacked by a virus. The majority of all cloud storage platforms also use very sophisticated encryption methods, which means that hackers will have an extremely difficult time trying to break into the platform and steal your date. That’s not all, though, as using cloud storage makes it easier than ever before to share your paperwork with remote employees. You just need to create some login details for them, and they will then be able to access the online documents from wherever they may be.

Remember To Take Breaks

When you work on your own, there won’t be any co-workers to check in on you and to remind you to take a break when necessary. The responsibility to not over do it and do too much is now wholly on you. So, make sure that you factor in plenty of breaks into each of your days. They don’t have to be too long. Just a quick ten minutes to make a cup of coffee every two hours will be enough time for your mind to relax and refresh. When you return to your desk, you will start to feel all of the benefits. For instance, once you return from a break, you should find it a lot easier to focus and concentrate on the task in hand.

Be Sensible On Work Trips

One of the benefits of running your business remotely is that you will be able to spend more time on work trips. However, as mentioned in the point above, you shouldn’t take things too seriously on your work trips. Of course they are for work and you will need to be highly professional throughout, but you also need to plan plenty of downtime, otherwise you could end up very close to burnout. If you are traveling to a foreign country for work, you should plan in some sightseeing even if it is just for half a day. It gives your mind to focus on something fun, so you shouldn’t find the trip completely stressful.

As you can see, running your own business completely remotely is very possible.

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