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Mar 13, 2018

PPC landing page strategy that CRUSHES the competition


Transcript – PPC landing page strategy that CRUSHES the competition

Tons and tons of business owners keep saying AdWords doesn’t work. Well, I’ve got news for you. It bloomin works and the reason it doesn’t work for you maybe is because you’re doing it wrong. The main reason people fail at AdWords is because their landing page sucks. They’ve got no strategy, no idea no flexibility. I’m going to break down exactly what you need to do with your landing page to get the best results from AdWords and that’s coming up.

Hey everyone Darren Taylor of here giving you tips, insight, and opinion on all things marketing. If you’re new here you should consider subscribing. Today we’re looking at why so many PPC campaigns fail and the main reason for that is the poor landing page experience of people clicking through. AdWords is crazy competitive. If you think CPCs were high five years ago, have a look today and see how much they’ve gone up. It’s massive so to get the edge on your competition you need to make sure your website is the best and you give the best experience to people searching so they stick.

The first thing to remember is the fact there’s a thing called quality score. Now quality score is a rank of one to ten given to all the keywords within your AdWords campaigns. Now this score is an indication of how Google things your ads will perform and the relevancy of your ads to your keywords, and the relevancy of your ads keywords and landing page collectively. What does this mean? It means that if you’re doing a campaign for something or subject matter, you’ve got to make sure your ads follow that subject matter and your landing page too.

ppc landing pages
Landing pages are your biggest asset when it comes to PPC

Let’s focus on the landing page element of that stream. For example, I’m an accountancy practice and I offer a number of accounting services like tax, self-assessment tax, VAT, bookkeeping, all those services are accounting services. I can create keywords in line with that. I can create ads in line with that but when it comes to my landing page, what if my landing page didn’t have a specific page or specific content around all of those services.

Relevancy is Key

This is where most businesses fall down because of twofold reasons. The first one, if a customer comes for your ad and they click through to a particular service, and they don’t find what they’re looking for they’re very unlikely to convert. And if they do convert you’ve done very, very well. The second reason is again back to the AdWords quality score. If your landing page experience is strong then your quality score is going to really be helped by that because you’ve got the click-through rate from a good additive ad company, you’ve got relevant keywords and your landing page experience is going to be highly relevant to what the person is looking for and that’s really going to boost your campaigns.

Landing page experience is described by Google as how well your website gives people what they’re looking for when they click your ad. It’s a very important factor of Google are explicitly saying it on their support pages within AdWords. Another thing, I see a lot of people do on AdWords is use their homepage as a landing page for a campaign. This should never be done. Simple reason being your homepage has defined the whole are of your website, a picture of what your business is.

You want to give people the insights as to what they’re specifically looking for. If you send them in via the front door and they’re looking for the kitchen, they’re going to take longer to get there. Make sure you put them in the right place by having segmented service pages around all of your service with full descriptions as what you do, how you do it and why they should pick you. With strong course of actions, I have talked about it in previous videos around having a strong course of action and the ways you can converge and optimize a website. All of these things are really going to help you as well.

Finally, this really highlights the importance of being flexible and agile with your website. If you’ve not invested in your website yet you should definitely do so because websites like WordPress which you know is a CMS, you can content manage. You could roll out new pages very, very easily. You can get really niche with the strategy on AdWords so say for example you’ve got 10 different types of services you offer. You could have 10 different pages and you can even go further than that.

You can have pages with locations and all these kind of combinations and you can create tons and tons of landing pages for your PPC campaign. Just a word of warning, if you’re going to roll out loads of new pages be sure that if you’re duplicating what you’re saying make sure these pages aren’t indexed on the SEO side of things. Make sure that no index, no follow pages because you don’t want to negatively impact your SEO by rolling out loads and loads of duplicate content pages that are specifically for PPC.

Guys, just to summarize, make sure your pages are relevant. Never use the homepage, you create as many new pages as you like for your AdWords campaign to maximize relevancy and of course no index them when you create them. These strategy is really going to help you get niche down to your keyword level with your landing page strategy and really boost your PPC conversions.

Because the agility to do this is something your competitors maybe aren’t going to do. You’ve listened to my video so you’re definitely going to do it. Thanks so much for watching this video. If you liked it please leave me a like. Leave your comments below, let me know if you’re struggling to optimize your PPC campaigns. Let me know in the comments below and apart from that, don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time.

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