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Nov 01, 2018

Personal Branding – My Why | Digital Thoughts 1#


Transcript – Personal Branding – My Why | Digital Thoughts 1#

Hey guys. This is a bit of a different type of video from the normal search marketing stuff I do because this one is about me. It’s about what makes me tick, why I’m doing this channel, why I’m uploading videos every single week, and why a year ago, I decided to start working on my personal brand. This is essentially a digital vlog for my reference and for yours as well. Let’s get into it.


Hey guys. Darren Taylor of here. My job is to teach you all about search engine marketing, but not today. Today, I’m talking about me and why I started this YouTube channel. If you’re watching this on LinkedIn, why I keep uploading LinkedIn videos, and understanding really why I’m doing this. First of all, about a year ago when I started doing this YouTube channel and uploading videos, before then, I was a bit of a PPC freelancer.

I understand that, for me personally, I’ve got this weird phobia where I can’t have one income and one opportunity. For reference, I work full-time in digital marketing. I’m a digital marketing manager in my day job. Ultimately, I want to make sure that I’m maximizing the knowledge in my head and can potentially monetize that and also build up my personal brand. If an opportunity came my way, people know who I am, if people want help with certain things, they know to ask me over other people.

Building a personal brand is something I started doing a year ago as a result of the previous work I’ve done. Let’s go into a bit more detail about what I’ve done in the past as well.

What gave me the bug to start building a personal brand and really start getting things done. A while ago, I used to work at an agency for PPC which is a really high-performance culture.

Everybody there was going crazy towards their goals. A lot of entrepreneurial people there. That gave me a window into what work lifestyle people have, and the idea of building up a brand, and building up your knowledge, and building up income as well. The kind of entrepreneurial, kind of go-getters that I’ve worked with gave me an insight into that lifestyle. Now, after that point of working within that agency, I said to myself, “I can’t have one income. I want to be able to flex my income.”

Especially in 2018, where you don’t know what”s going to happen. You don’t know if the company you’re working with is going to go out of business. You’re not necessarily sure. Of course you don’t wish companies go out of business, but the fact to the matter is more companies are going out of business now than ever before. What can you do to protect yourself and insulate yourself from that? The only answer I had and have is to build a personal brand and become known in your field.

personal branding
Why am I taking time to create video content and blog? PERSONAL BRANDING!

That does two things. First of all, it means that when it comes to jobs, you get hired. It means that people are more likely to even speak to you for an interview because people know who you are. If they look around and they see that you’ve got a personal brand, they’ve got some insight into you and the work you do and what you know, then that’s going to make things a lot easier when it comes to a shortlist for interviews.

It could help you from a career perspective. Beyond that, it can help you get gigs outside of what you do as your day job. In my instance, I often design websites for people. I do a lot of marketing campaigns for people on the side. I also do a lot of speaking as well more recently. I did a talk recently. A half-day training course at the IDM. That was really useful. It’s something that I have done in the past as well at universities. It’s something that’s only come around since I’ve been building my personal brand.

That’s the kind of power that it has when you start doing things like that. I’m also building quite a valuable skill. It looks easy just talking into a camera with lights in front of you and all these kind of things, but it’s actually more difficult than it looks. Go back in my YouTube channel. Go watch my very first video. Tell me what you think of that video I made just over a year ago compared to now and see the difference and improvement I’ve made.

Now, imagine again, if I was a year in advance from now, going ahead a year and looking back at this video, I might look at this video and think, “Oh, what the hell was I doing? This isn’t that good.” It makes you think it’s improvement. You can keep improving and growing. That’s what I’m doing. Presenting on camera, to me, is a useful skill because it translates into presenting in real life as well.

It’s a valuable skill to have. A lot of people have even asked me to do videos for their business despite not knowing a thing about their business, just because I’ve had that practice on camera. A personal trainer has asked me if I could do it and also an independent school has asked me to do an introduction video as well. All of these things, all of these opportunities coming my way are a result of starting this channel.

What Does My Future Hold?

Another thing people often ask me, including ex-bosses of mine and people I speak to regularly, and people in the LinkedIn community I speak to in terms of digital marketing, have asked me, “Darren, what is your endgame? What are you trying to get out of doing this?” Well, the main thing is opportunity. It’s just purely the opportunity to make choices, to accelerate my income and the impact I have in my field. Those two massive opportunity points are all the reason I’m doing this.

It’s got to a point now where I feel, first of all, I enjoy it. I love doing this. This is something that to me, it’s just like a hobby. Some people might see it as extra work and extra hours out of their day that they could do– They can watch Netflix instead. They can chill out, have a glass of wine, whereas I just feel like I need to do this. It’s something that really is going to help me.

I’m patient enough to understand that even though I’ve been doing this for a year, and I have had a ton of opportunities come my way, that the bigger opportunities come when you actually learn your trade properly. I wouldn’t call anyone an expert who’s been doing something for one year. I wouldn’t call myself a YouTube expert. All I would say is, I’m improving every single time I get in front of the camera.

At some point, there will be a point, if I keep doing this, I could potentially call myself an expert, either video marketing, presenting on camera or even on YouTube. That’s ultimately the direction I’m going. I want to be known for doing this. Another thing people often ask and make comments on are, “Okay, Darren, you’ve been doing this for a year. You’ve got about a 1,000 subscribers on YouTube. You got X amount of views per month for.

What do you want to get from YouTube? Are you looking to get a silver play button in terms of having a 100,000 subscribers? What do you expect to get from YouTube? Your channel’s not even monetized yet. What’s the goal of doing that?” Well, again, YouTube is a vehicle. I don’t see YouTube as something to get money from. The days of being able to have a big amount audience to make money from YouTube, by money, I mean real money on YouTube, are long gone unless you’re a massive influencer and you do something a lot more mainstream than digital marketing.

Even the biggest people in the digital marketing niche on YouTube don’t make even half as much, maybe not even quarter as much as some of the big vloggers. That’s the difference. Even people that make slime can make more money on YouTube than a marketer. This is where the context of YouTube comes in. YouTube is a vehicle, it’s not a destination. Growing my channel’s great, it’s fun. It’s interesting. I increased my audience which is what I actually want from it.

YouTube is a Vehicle, Not a Destination

The vehicle of YouTube itself, I don’t necessarily target growing to a point where I make money from YouTube itself because I know those days probably aren’t going to come. I’m happy with that. I’m fine with that because that’s not the reason I’m on YouTube. Before I end this video, my biggest bit of advice for people out there, is to get started and start building up your personal brand and your personal identity in your field, because the opportunities off the back of it with just doing it for one year, have been massive for me in terms of personal growth, and of course money on the side, and getting consulting gigs, getting speaking gigs, people engaging with me.

It’s been great. It’s been amazing. Year two going into this now would be hopefully even better than the first year and things are looking positive in that respect as well. My advice to you and hopefully what you get out of this video is that you too should also get started on building a brand, because your personal brand is really going to help you, especially in 2018 and beyond because it’s turbulent. You don’t know what’s going to happen next.

There are things outside of our control. What you can control is how people perceive you and your message and how you put yourself out there as well. Don’t rest. Don’t think you’re okay. There are a lot of people I’ve seen on LinkedIn who haven’t necessarily have the rub of the green when it comes to getting jobs. Or they might not necessarily have found it easy to get a job.

In addition to that, they’ve been made redundant or things like that. You don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. You should really, really make sure you do everything you can to stand out to make sure you future-proof yourself and that you’re independent of other external factors. Thank you guys so much for watching this video. If you liked it, leave a like below.

Let me know what you think of my channel and my videos so far. More important than that, don’t forget to let me know if you’re going to start today, growing your personal brand and start to build something you could be proud of in the future. Don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the other content on my channel. Loads of PPC and SEO tutorials and tips for you there. I’ll see you guys on my next video.

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