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So You Want To Be A Digital Marketing Expert?

As an aspiring marketer, you simply want the confidence to know you’re making the right decisions that will lead to successful campaigns. You want definitive answers to your questions and you want to learn how to do digital marketing the right way.
It took me years of tests, lost revenue and anxiety to get to a point where digital marketing strategy and campaign delivery was clear to me. I want to save you the headaches and confusion I suffered when learning to become a digital marketing pro.

Meet Your Digital Marketing Trainer
Darren Taylor

Your Marketing Challenges


1. Where Do I start?

Getting started with digital marketing can be tough. You don’t know which discipline you should you learn or how to apply it to specific business scenarios. You need to be comfortable in knowing the advantages and limitations of all digital marketing channels.

2. How Can I get Hands On?

It’s easy enough to read guides and books on digital marketing. But you’ll need to know exactly how to complete specific tasks and get hands on with marketing technology like Google Ads, Google Analytics, MS Excel and many many more systems.

3. Who Can I Ask For Definitive Advice?

Everyone needs a guide when learning something new. When you were at school you had a teacher, and it should be no different when you’re on a journey to digital marketing mastery.

Learning Digital Marketing Doesn’t Have to be a Challenge!

Introducing The Big Marketing Club

Learn digital marketing the right way with an expert mentor to guide you. Access online courses that demonstrate specifically how to use the biggest digital marketing tools. Grow your knowledge and become a confident digital marketer who can make an impact!

What’s Inside the Big Marketing Club

Online Training Courses
Access online courses covering the biggest digital marketing channels. New courses are created regularly and you can even request new courses as a member!
1 On 1 Mentoring
Have a specific question about your marketing challenges or the courses? You'll have full access to me as your online marketing mentor and I'll provide definitive answers!
Request Courses & Resources
Don't see a course you need? As a member you can request new courses and materials to help you level up your marketing.

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Learn From an Experienced Digital Marketer

I work with a number of higher education institutions, delivering in person marketing training courses. You can can rest assured you'll be learning digital marketing from an expert with tons of experience, which will benefit you as you're learning.


30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

When you join The Big Marketing Club, you are protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t feel like you’ve received value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the next 30 days, let us know and we’ll send you a refund. No hassles or headaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different to free online videos?

There are indeed a lot of free videos covering digital marketing, but these often lack structure and you’re not able to get direct mentoring from the creator of those free videos. As a member of The Big Marketing Club you’ll have full access to me as your mentor, as well as access to structured and up to date online courses. And I also provide dozens of free videos too!

How does your mentoring work?

Online marketing mentoring in The Big Marketing Club is straight forward. At any time if you have a question about any marketing challenges, a marketing project you’re working on, or indeed a question about the courses I provide, submit a question via the mentoring platform and I will respond with a definitive answer and support.

Can I still access The Big Marketing Club courses and resources if I cancel?

No, the content is for members only. If you’d like to come back to The Big Marketing Club, we are happy to have you. Simply re-subscribe via the  membership page

What training can I expect inside of The Big Marketing Club

There are over 5 courses within the Big Marketing Club that you will have full access to. The courses are always expanding and as a member you can make suggestions on new courses you would like to see. You can see the course library here

You will also have access to me as your mentor to submit questions to me about your specific marketing challenges or course materials.

Why does the price for membership change?

The nature of membership sites means that the more demand there is for membership, the price is liable to increase. But don’t worry, the price you pay to become a member is locked in and won’t change at any time.

What if I have a question that isn't answered here?

Simply get in touch here and I’ll be happy to answer your questions about The Big Marketing Club.

What if I don't enjoy The Big Marketing Club?

You can cancel at any time. In your first 30 days of the membership we even offer a refund. Please note, we can’t provide any refund after 30 days of membership.

Ready To Get Started? Become a Member!

Take your marketing to the next level today and become a member.
$40 per month or $400 yearly (get 2 months for free)



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Secure Payment

About The Big Marketing Club

The Big Marketing Club is powered by me, Darren “The Big Marketer" Taylor. I have been working in digital marketing for over 8 years in various senior roles across a wide spectrum of businesses, mostly in search engine marketing roles (PPC and SEO). This has been in a wide range of businesses from national and international big budget campaigns all the way through to tiny small businesses with monthly budgets that required miracles to be performed.
In addition to this, I am a marketing YouTube personality and I often give talks at the University of Greenwich, Hult International Business School and The IDM (Institute of Digital Marketing), which is really handy because it gives me a chance to deliver face to face training as opposed to the online training I am used to providing.
With that said, I hope you enjoy my courses and get real value out of my mentoring. If you have any questions or if you just want to say hello, then get in touch. I am very much looking forward to hearing from you!
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