Darren Taylor

Feb 13, 2019

Mobile App Marketing: The Essential Guide To Getting Regular Users

The inclusion of mobile app usage as a marketing strategy can be effective across many different types of businesses. It is, however crucial to remember that you will see the best returns on this sort of investment by getting people to use your app regularly. Luckily, that is something that you can get some guidance on how to achieve below.

Creating your app

Before you can work through the process of getting customers to use your app regularly, you will need to create one.

This is something that some business choose to do themselves, especially if they have an in house creative team. Although, for many more, it makes the best sense to outsource this task to a software development agency that specialises in app creation. Something that will ensure you get the best looking and most functional app in the shortest amount of time.


Getting customers to download your app

Once you have your app created, it’s time to get people to download the app. Now, this might seem like an easy task, but with thousands of apps and other forms of digital marketing on every platform, it can be hard to ensure your business stands out from the crowd.


One way to do this is to advertise a discount on products or service on your website for people that choose to use your app. For example, a clothing store may offer a 10% automatic discount for anyone making their order through their app.

This type of tactic can work in two ways, the first is that it will be reaching the right audience immediately because they are already interested in your product as they are on your website. Secondly, buy incentivising customers to download the app you provide them with a clear reason to why it will be of their benefit, something that should make it also easier to get them to complete the action that you want.

Getting customers to use your app regularly  

Once you have people with your mobile app on their phones, the challenge is then to get them to use it regularly. Ideally, you are looking for it to become a regular part of the users’ lives, and to achieve this, you will need to use some smart strategies.

One is to communicate with your customers by sending push notifications. These are the bubbles that appear on phones, even when the app is closed, and they can be used to remind customers of the value of the app, or even to send additional incentives such as discounts and coupons.

Additionally, the way that the app is created, the value it offers, and how well it is optimised for user interaction will also have a lot to do with how much it is used regularly.

After all, if an app doesn’t entertain, provide useful information, or make action easier, or if it crashes, even the most loyal user will get fed up and find a more efficient way of doing things after a while.


To that end, ensure your app has a clear focus on the value it offers to your customer, as well as passing it through stringent QA testing before it launches. These being things that will keep it working smoothly, and so retain its appeal to users over the long term.

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