Darren Taylor

Feb 12, 2019

Knowing When To Stick or Twist With Your Digital Marketing

One of the tricks when it comes to digital marketing is understanding what is working for you and what needs work. You might invest a lot of time in a campaign and feel connected to it, but if it isn’t working for you then it is time to tweak it or move on. Here we are going to look at two of the most popular types of digital marketing campaigns and how you might edit your strategies in these areas to boost your business, blog, or website.

Social Media

Social media can mean a lot of things, but we are going to focus on the big hitters and the common mistakes made by people trying to promote through these channels. You will by now have a presence on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, but are you getting the most out of these websites? You might be and that isn’t just on you, there are many people trying to break through the social media world and struggling to do so.

One of the vital things for you to do is your research. The people you are targeting, the market you want to attract to your website, will be active on at least one of these sites but not necessarily all of them. Facebook has over a billion accounts setup worldwide, but not all of those accounts are active on a daily basis and when you break it down into demographics you will find that there are whole sections of society who barely log in to their accounts at all.

Why is this important to you? Well if you can find where your target market is mostly active then you can start building your social media from the ground up. There is no point having a lot of time and money invested in a YouTube campaign if you are targeting an age group or gender that doesn’t use the website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO, the practice of making your website have greater visibility online via organic search engine results, is one of the most critical forms of digital marketing out there. You will have a social media campaign because that is where people are, but if you want to get people straight to your website then featuring on the first page of a Google search for products related to your content is vital. Over 90% of users don’t look beyond the first page of their search engine results, so you need to make sure you are making the most of the keywords, backlinks and other SEO strategies available to you.

However, preparing a website for search engine ‘crawlers’ is not everyone’s idea of fun. It can be a difficult process made up of a lot of trial and error. If that sounds like you, then don’t waste your company’s time on trying to build an SEO plan. You should enlist the help of a B2B agency that can help you with SEO so that you are getting ahead of your competition. Once you have a solid base to work from then you might want to take over your SEO strategy, but until then you should make sure you are first and foremost not missing out on important hits through search results.

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