Darren Taylor

Feb 28, 2019

In or Out?

When you’re out there on your own as a solopreneur or managing a small business there will be plenty of opportunity to play to your strengths. For a start, you’ve made the bold move to go it alone so you definitely have what it takes in the way of courage and a sound business mind.

But, with any business, there are going to be areas that you are less strong in, less confident and indeed less competent in and it’s those parts of your business that you have to figure out when it’s worth hiring in a consultant or agency and when it’s worth taking someone in-house.

In this blog we look at the pros and cons of each and help you decide where the smart money invests.

Outside agencies

The great benefit to hiring in an agency is that you are able to take on as much or as little control right from the word go. You might be clued in to marketing strategies or you might have only a working knowledge and with an agency you’ll be able to hand over the vast majority of the leg work to them. So whether you want your PR engagement mapped out step-by-step or need someone to talk you through their seo services to make your website pop, you’re in charge.

The downside of course, is the cost but compared to taking someone on in-house, a one-off consultancy fee might not look so bad in the long run. The key will be finding an agency that you can work with and trust to work independently. Interview widely and find people who share your vision and don’t leave you with more questions than answers.



As with consultant work, there are ups and downs of taking someone in-house. The obvious advantage is that your marketing professional is there when you are, week in, week out giving you greater access and oversight of their work. You can also train that person in the corporate culture of your business and if you have vision, explain to them in which direction their work should be driving the company.

The obvious downside is the cost and the ongoing commitment you have to retaining a member of staff. In quieter times you might find yourself wishing they were able to stretch their skills further, but that staffing cost keeps on coming.

Building and maintain a loyal workforce can be the backbone for many organisations but when you’re looking at a one-off piece of work or can’t see the remit stretching past one or two projects then taking on a consultant is often the better option, placing you in better control of your budget and capping the work if necessary.

Just make sure you find an agency who shares your passion for growth with you and has fully grasped the objectives you wish to achieve through a killer marketing strategy or PR plan.

Read around for recommendations and find your best fit, ready to take your business even further towards success.

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