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Mar 07, 2019

I Hate Google Ads – AdWords Rant!

I Hate Google Ads – AdWords Rant! – Transcript


Guys, I have a big problem and the problem is with Google. Now I recently took on a freelance client and to my horror, Google helped them set up their first PPC campaign. They came to me because they didn’t get any results out of their PPC. To my surprise, when I looked at their campaign, it was awful but the person that set it up was somebody who called my client from Google. If you saw this setup, you’d be absolutely horrified. In this video, I’m going to break down why you should ignore all phone calls from Google if you’re a Google Ads advertiser, coming up.


Darren: Hey guys, Darren Taylor of here and my job is to teach you all about digital marketing. If that sounds up your street, you should consider subscribing to my channel and in this video, it’s a bit of a rant, and it’s an annoyance at Google. Now as I said in the introduction, I took on a freelance client who recently ran PPC campaigns and their campaigns weren’t working, but why? Well, it turns out that Google called up the client about a week ago and asked them to set up a campaign to their specifications.

Google called them told them, “Set campaign up like this, use these keywords, use this targeting. Here’s how you set the campaign up.” Literally, walks them through end to end on the process. Now you’d think, “That’s amazing, that’s great customer service. That’s a great thing to do,” but there’s a problem. What do you guys reckon is the first rule of Google Ads when setting up a campaign for search? Well, I’m going to tell you it anyway. In my eyes, it is never, ever create a campaign purely on broad match and also on the Display Network at the same time. It’s suicidal. It’s absolute campaign suicide.

Google Ads are mistreating new advertisers, making the waste budget!

Why the hell did Google ask the client to set up a campaign in this way? Well, unfortunately, it comes down to money, of course. Now I’ve made tons of videos over the last number of weeks or months around Google and how they’re trying to extract as much revenue as they can. How Google AdWords Express is a terrible product. All of these different things feed into this scenario. This poor advertiser, she’s a new business. She’s really struggling to make ends meet within her business and she really wants to get results out of Google Ads.

Now you’d think speaking to Google directly, you’re going to get the best advice. You’re going to get the best setup, the best keywords, the best keyword research, the best ad copy, and best practice. Now she didn’t get any of that and she’s been wasting her budget on Google because of the way Google set her campaign up. My first question to Google that I would ask them is why are you allowing people to set campaigns up so terribly and wasting their money when ultimately, the way you make your money is by having longevity in your customer base?

Making sure they stay spending their money on Google Ads and don’t move over to Amazon advertising or Facebook, or Instagram advertising, LinkedIn advertising, all those social and e-commerce based advertising options businesses have. You want to keep them on Google so you should be going out on a limb to get them the best results they can ever get. It doesn’t make sense to me. Sure, you’ll get this advertiser’s money today and maybe next week but in a year from now, do you think that person is going to continue advertising on Google if they’re not going to get the results they need or even should I say deserve?

Ultimately, Google the ball’s in your court at this point. You’re at a crossroads here. You need to tighten up your customer service and supports and tighten up your products and tighten up your route to market for customers moving their money on to digital marketing. You need to really invest in this. That brings me on to my next point that a lot of people will probably hate me for saying, but it is this, Google if you’re listening, agencies and consultants are necessary. They are absolutely necessary and you should be doing everything in your power to make sure agencies and consultants get the support they need from you guys as a platform.

The only way new advertisers are going to get any kind of results from Google ads when they’ve got no idea how to do it is having their hand held by an agency or consultants in order to help them get results. Let’s face it, you’re doing a terrible job of doing this. You’re terrible at getting new advertisers to get success out of Google. All these broad match setups on the Display Network, it’s not going to work and neither is AdWords Express, which is another conversation altogether. In fact, I’ve reviewed AdWords Express as a product and I’ve linked it up in the description below as well, so you can check that video out too.

Ultimately, Google, you need to think how you’re going to onboard customers onto Google Ads successfully and allow them to run successful campaigns. Now I know you’ve got some cash in your pocket so it makes sense to invest in this area instead of trying to maximize revenue out of people in the short-term. Short-term thinking is going to get you nowhere and I’m not surprised people are moving their money away from Google Ads onto social media advertising in a lot of cases. What Facebook have done really successfully is have a really easy ad setup. Their platform is a lot more simple than Google’s.

It’s very easy to set campaigns up successfully and set creative up, and it’s a good experience for people using it. Now, of course, if you’re an expert in Facebook advertising, you’re going to get better results than a business doing it off the cuff but ultimately, the experience is a lot more positive. Google, you need to replicate that. As I come to the end of this rant, if you are an advertiser on Google Ads or you’re thinking of advertising on Google ads, if your phone rings and you pick the phone up, and you hear them say, “Hello, you’re speaking to Google,” put the phone down and don’t engage with them. I’m being serious. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some good account managers at Google.

I’ve had great experience with a lot of senior account managers at Google but on the whole, for small businesses spending very little money on Google, then it doesn’t make sense to engage with a rep because you’re not going to get the best results. Instead, cut your losses, accept you’re going to have to spend to either learn or get a good set up and go with a consultant or an agency to help you because ultimately, Google aren’t going to help.

Thank you guys so much for watching this video. If you liked it, please leave me a like below. Let me know what your experience has been dealing with Google as a small business advertiser if you’ve ever had any dealings with them whatsoever. More important than that, don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the other content across my channel, tons of tips and tutorials there for you and I’ll see you guys on my next video.

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