Darren Taylor

Apr 14, 2018

How To Get Tons of Google My Business Reviews With Ease


Transcript – How To Get Tons of Google My Business Reviews With Ease

Hey everyone, a very quick video for you guys on how to get more reviews on Google My Business. As you know, Google My Business is a very powerful tool that allows you to show up on the Google search results within the map view of that local pack and hopefully, your business is listed in there with tons of great reviews. It means people will click through and eventually do business with you directly. Now, to get in that section is very difficult.

First of all, SEO comes into it, but the part you can control instantly without going into too much detail of SEO is the number of reviews you get. How could you get more reviews on Google My Business? Well, that is very simple. You’ve got to ask first of all. Ask people for reviews. Ask anyone who’s done business with you past, present to leave a review on Google My Business and hopefully, they’ll go ahead and do that, but to make life a lot easier, it makes it better if you tell them where to write the review and send them a link to do so.

Let me just show you very quickly on how to do that. Go to Google My Business. Head over to your business and click on the Write a Review button. When you click that button, what’s going to happen is a box is going to pop up to leave a review. Copy and paste the URL at the top of that link because that link is going to be the direct link you can send people to write a review for your business.

Once you’ve got that link and you’ve captured it, put that into an email, hyperlink it to anyone you would like to write a review for you, and eventually, they’ll write the review, making it very easy for them to do so and your business will start to climb the Google My Business rankings. You can get very clever with this because what you could also do is add it as an email signature, so whenever you send an email to anybody who you have done business with, it’s a passive way of getting them to write your review on Google My Business.

Google my business is incredibly important for location based businesses

Even in addition to that, you can have a link on your website via a button maybe in a customer service area or a customer-focused area with people who have already done business with you, have a link in there or a button in there that will really help people write a review for you and make life as easy as possible for them to do so.

Now, I know a lot of people say you should incentivize people for writing reviews, and I’ve seen it work okay in the past, but for me, I’d rather if somebody wrote a review because they genuinely received a good service and not because they’re going to get a £10 Amazon voucher or maybe a free month of service through me. I want genuine people with genuine reviews because that’s really going to help me get genuine feedback for my business as well because getting reviews is more than just the process of getting reviews to go up the Google my business ranking.

It’s also a genuine way to get customer feedback, because what you might find is you ask people for reviews, and they don’t want to give you a review, but they’ve got a criticism or anything like that and you’ve got to address that in your business if that is indeed the case. Don’t shy away from that. Make sure you know exactly what kind of reviews and feedback you’re going to get and then publish that when it’s good feedback. Now you guys can definitely get reviews like a pro.

Go up those Google my business rankings and make sure your business is visible on page one of Google with tons and tons of awesome reviews. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you like this video, please leave a like. Let me know in the comments how you’re getting on with getting reviews for your business. More important than that, don’t forget to subscribe and check out the other amazing content on my channel. I’ll see you guys next time.

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