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Google My Business Tutorial 2019

Learn how set up, optimize and manage Google My Business listings. Learn local SEO, get more reviews and WIN!

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Google My Business Puts Your Business on the Map

Learn everything from the ground up and become a local pro! Learn how to set up an account from scratch, set up your opening hours, contact information and details.

Win with local SEO and learn the factors that go into ranking Google My Business listings to make sure you stay ahead of the competition and push your page to the top of the rankings.

Understand how to access your free website, and learn the tricks and shortcuts within Google my business so you can take full advantage of everything this amazing tool has to offer.

Streamline your review process and build up a library of 5* reviews of your business without even having to ask!

This is the ultimate Google My Business Tutorial. take this course and put your business on the map!

What You'll Learn

  • Understand how Google My Business works
  • Generate more 5 star customer reviews
  • Create a free website with Google My Business
  • Boost your local SEO listings on the search results page
  • Understand ALL of the functions within Google My Business
  • Create a brand new listing for your business
  • Create and manage multiple businesses within one account if you have multiple branches / stores

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What You'll Learn

Course Content Modules

  • Introduction to Google My Business
  • The Amazing Benefits of Google My Business
  • What is a Google My Business Listing?
  • Creating Your Google My Business Account
  • Interactive Tour – Homepage, Posts and Info
  • Interactive Tour – Insights, Reviews, Photos, Free Website and MORE!
  • Local SEO – How to Optimize Google My Business Pages
  • How to get More 5* Reviews Without Even Trying
  • Summary

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