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It’s Time for You to Harness the Power of Google Ads!

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is a powerful tool that can grow businesses. But it has a steep learning curve and if not used correctly, it can result in your business wasting tons of money with very little in return.

If you don’t know how to get started with Google Ads, or if you have got started and can’t see any tangible results then you’re in the right place.

I have been consulting businesses and building PPC campaigns for over 7 years and as you’ll probably notice from my library of videos on the subject, I know how to create compelling and winning campaigns that maximise return on investment and grow your business.

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Go Beyond Just Google Ads Alone

PPC campaigns should be built from the ground up, and that means understanding your business in the first instance. By understanding your business, I can create campaigns that are highly profitable by maximising the areas of your business that provide the most value to you.

I will go beyond just PPC alone. Before logging in to Google Ads and setting up a campaign, I will gain a deep understanding of your current website performance and your conversion rate of lead to sale, which will allow me to create a PPC strategy that suits your needs as a business.

Simply driving clicks to your website isn’t enough. Optimising the quality of the clicks to generate customers and revenue is key.

I Have Managed Over 7 Million £ of Google Ads Budget

I have managed accounts across a wide spectrum of businesses from FTSE100 global enterprises through to small localised businesses.

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An Expert at The Highest Level

I have taught my PPC methods to marketers at the University of Greenwich, Hult International Business School and The Institute of Digital Marketing (IDM), so you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re working with a consultant who will get the results from PPC that your business needs.

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I have managed over 7 million pounds of Google Ads spend and as a result, I am confident I can add value to the marketing efforts of your business and grow your revenue. Get in touch and let’s start growing your business through the power of PPC!

Campaigns That Work on Every Level

Google Ads also includes retargeting banner adverts. You know, those banners that follow you around if you put an item in your shopping basket online to remind you to come back and complete your purchase?

I can create compelling banner ads for your business that target customers who visit your website and don’t make an enquiry or purchase, enticing them to come back and transact with you. A channel single approach to PPC is good, but layering PPC with retargeting is a great way for you to win more customers!

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Working with a Consultant and Not an Agency has its Advantages…

The advantage to your business of working with me as opposed to an agency is that I don’t have a ton of expensive agency overheads like large offices, staff payroll or fixed term contracts.

What does this mean for you?

It means you can rest assured that I won’t be adding the costs of agency overheads to the cost of managing your PPC campaigns. I work with fixed pricing, so regardless of how much you spend, you’ll always know where you stand. It also means I won’t lock you in to long term fixed contracts. I am confident that we’ll build a long-lasting relationship based on the quality of my work alone.

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