PPC 50 Point Optimization Checklist

Imagine there was a checklist that showed all of the individual optimizations you can make to your PPC campaigns? Well, look no further!

PPC Campaign Setup Template Spreadsheet

Before heading to Google Ads to set up a campaign, you need to plan what you’re doing. This spreadsheet will help you!


What can you do to deter competitor bidding? Well you need to reach out to them in a friendly and convincing way to hopefully get them to stop bidding on your brand.

SEO Video Checklist

I have made a ton of videos on the subject of SEO. This handy checklist will cover everything you need to remember when leveraging SEO (continuously updated)

Agency Brief Document

As a marketer you’ll need to brief in a specialist agency from time to time. Use the brief template to make sure you and your partner agency are on the same page.