Downloadable Guides and Resources

Downloadable Guides and Resources

Free, yet highly valuable resources to help you get more from your marketing.

AdWords campaign planning spreadsheet

Don’t just straight into AdWords and create a campaign on the spot, you need to plan! This spreadsheet will allow you to plan all of the elements of your AdWords campaigns without worrying about what your setup will look like when you’re in the AdWords interface. Spot problems before they happen and download now!

Marketing Brief Template

To get the best results from any marketing partnerships, you will need to make sure that your brief is awesome! I have created a template that will allow you to create the perfect marketing brief, covering all angles so you and your agency partner can hit the ground running.

10 Digital Ways To Market Your Business For Free

In this guide I highlight 10 things you can do to market your business for free to get started. It’s crucial to move your business into the digital age. Be that via marketing, customer management or your product itself. This guide will help you get started.

Ultimate SEO Checklist & Video Guide

I am in the process of creating a spreadsheet containing a checklist of all the possible optimizations you can make to your small business website. This spreadsheet won’t just be a list, it will also be a guide with links to instructional videos on each optimization. If this sounds interesting to you, register your details below and I’ll share the list with you when ready!