Darren Taylor

Jan 26, 2019

Can You Improve Your Conversion Rate? You Bet!

Time and time again, business owners make the same mistake with online marketing. They focus on SEO and forget about what happens next. Great, you’ve reached the top of the SERPs, but what then? Once you increase levels of traffic to your site, you then need to make sure that customers are buying the products or services that you’re selling. This is all about your conversion rate. How many users browsing your site can you convert into buying customers and how do you do this? It’s quite possible that while traffic is high, the conversion rate is low and that’s going to lead to serious troubles for your business. Luckily, there are easy ways to fix a poor conversion rate.

Make Your Website Attractive

The first recommendation is simple enough. You need to work to ensure that your business website looks stylish, well designed and professional. By doing this, you are sending the message that users have found a successful company that they can trust. You can beautify your business website in a variety of different ways. One option would be to add some video content. Surveys are now revealing just how powerful video can be as a marketing tool. In this context, it can make your site feel, warm, welcoming and interactive. By making your website more immersive you are giving users a reason to stay and explore.

You also need to think about images of services and products you sell. For instance, if you’re selling drink products, the drink pouches should be beautifully designed and look stunning in the product photo. Use a white background and let the product design speak for itself to generate high conversions.

Handle Minor Issues

If you’re unsure what is causing your conversion rate to dip, it’s probably worth completing an A-B test. Using an A-B test, you can split your website audience, showing half one version of your site and the other half another with small details changed. These small details from text colour and font to certain images or buy buttons could be the reason your conversion rates are so slow. Once you identify an issue, you can quickly correct it and get your business page back on track.

Provide Value

Do make sure that you are working to provide your customers with value when they visit your business site. We’re talking about content here. If you’re having trouble with a high bounce rate and low conversions poor content could be the problem. Your content needs to be well written or designed and provide value. This could be through helpful information or an interesting story that subtly pushes users to purchase one of your products or services. The trick here is to know your target customer. Find out what their problem is, what they need and how you can solve their issues with a great solution.

Keep The Funnel Short

Finally, don’t let customers get lost in a long marketing funnel. To buy a product or service customers should not have to jump through multiple web pages or popups. It should be simple and fast. If you are worried about losing them, add an option to join an email list early on with a compelling CTA. This will allow you to guide them back even if they don’t make it to the final sale first time.

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