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Oct 01, 2017

Should my business have a blog? It depends…


Transcript – Should My Business Have a Blog?

Should my small business start a blog? It’s a question I’ve heard echoed time and time again and it’s not as straightforward as it would seem. So I’m going to break down four questions you need to ask yourself before thinking if you should start blog. That’s coming up.

Hi everyone, my name is Darren Taylor, a.k.a The Big Marketer giving you tips, advice, insight and opinion on all things digital marketing. And today, I’m going to break down for you four questions you need to ask yourself before starting a blog for your business.

The first question you should ask yourself is a pretty obvious one and that is, can you even write? Now, I don’t mean physically are you able to write a sentence down? Obviously, you can.
What I mean is, can you write creatively? Can you turn your business into a story? Can you put — are you good with the written words. If not, you may find yourself struggling to write anything useful on your blog, so it’s quite important to be able to write well to even think about creating a blog.

If not, you may find you’ll start to struggle when it comes to actually putting pen to paper and writing a blog post. Now if you’re in a level below that, even if you’re not the best creative writer, are you at least competent in writing?

Now you’ll be surprised, there’s a lot of people out there who started blogs, who are no good at writing and pretty much you can tell, they’re relying their entire life on spelling and grammar check within word.

So, if you’re like this, you should ask yourself, “Should you be a blogger?” probably not. Now there are a ton of content marketing agencies out there that can help you create a blog, but are probably not advisable immediately until you’re confident enough in the value of blog can give your business, so maybe give that a missed for now. Now don’t forget, not everybody is born a writer.

Myself, I’m no writer. I prefer to get in front of the camera and talk to you guys directly because that worked for me. It resonates with me and if it’s a pen and paper, it will probably be a disaster.

The second question you should ask yourself is, “Can I be consistent?” If you’re not consistent contributing to your blog constantly on a regular basis, you can actually do more harm than good and you’ll fail to get any of the benefits a blog could provide at SEO-wise which I’m going to you later. So you might want to stick around.

Now when I say consistency, I don’t just mean how frequently you produce blog post. What I mean is, can you consistently write long enough content because as valuable to the user. Now, back in 2011, Google released their Panda Algorithm Update which punishes websites for thin content.

So the last thing you want to do is create a blog with next to no content on maybe one paragraph or paragraph long because that will cause a massive issue on Google and if you continue to do that for a long period of time, you’re going to do a lot of harm to your website, so be careful.

Question number three “Do you have something to say?”Of course you do. That was a trick question. Every single business on this planet has a story. It has something to say. It has some value to add to its potential customers, and some kind of way it could help.

You may think a blog could be quite formal or maybe you think you have to write in a certain manner or talk about specific things but in actual fact, I’ve come across so many different types of blogs you wouldn’t believe.

should my business start a blog
To blog or not to blog, that is the question?

I’ve come across blogs where people just call it ‘stuff I write about’, projects or things I’m working on. It doesn’t necessarily have to have the label blog, as long as you’re contributing regularly and the content you’re providing is valuable, then, you’re blogging.

And finally, the fourth question you should ask yourself before starting a blog is, “Do you know the value a blog can add to your website?” Well, I’m here to tell you the value is substantial. There is ample opportunities with the blog.

You can keep your current customers in the loop with what you’re doing and products you’re working on. You could position yourself as a leader in your business and then your affair within your niche.

You could be that person discussing things and putting yourself out there which is fantastic. And of course there is the SEO benefit of blogging.

The more great content you produce, the better for your website it is and the more links you could potentially attract in the future if your content is strong enough. In addition to that, lots of content on a website is logged by Google, and it can build up your authority which is only going to help you climb up those rankings eventually.

And you can only imagine the benefits of the increased ranking. Better ranking equals usually more traffic and if your website is up-to-date and working really well, more traffic means more sales for you. So, a blog can definitely add value to your bottom line, it can be no doubt.

If you answered these questions positively, congratulations you’re ready to go with the blog. So get your head down, start writing and brainstorming ideas and put in pens and paper because you’re ready to go. If you answer the questions negatively, you’ve got a little bit of work to do whether that be on your writing, whether that be on your opportunity. A number of things you have to look out from the questions I mentioned before you think about getting ready with the blog.

Thank you very much for watching. If you found this video useful, please go ahead and hit the subscribe button below. If you want to hear more from me or you want to ask me another question or have any ideas about things I should cover, head over to my website, and complete the question form, and I’ll come back to you as soon as I can. Thank you very much for watching. See you soon.

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