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Jan 16, 2018

How to Boost Your Email CTR and Get Tons More Traffic


Transcript – How to Boost Your Email CTR and Get Tons More Traffic

From a cold or warm email how can you turn that prospect receiving your email into a customer? Well, that’s simple. Do you want them to take the action you want them to take on your website? To do that you need traffic from email. So how can you get people to click your emails and actually get into your website, take the action you want them to take and become a paying customer? I’m going to show you five things you can do to really boost your email click-through rate turning traffic into customers and bringing traffic in through the medium of email and that is coming up.


Hey, everyone. Darren Taylor here of giving you tips, insight, and opinion on all things marketing. If that sounds up your street you should consider subscribing. Today we’re looking at email. How can you get your potential customers to click-through your emails and become actual customers? So we’re looking at email click-through rates. How can we improve those? Let’s get right into it.

The first thing you can do to really boost your email click-through rate is to put your link, your hyperlink, in the very first sentence of your email. I know personally when I’ve received emails and that there is a hyperlink in the first sentence I felt almost inclined to try and click it because it piques my curiosity.

A lot of emails have an obvious call-to-action or they might put a hyperlink in a button saying click here. None of these things work. People have come wise to that. They understand that could be perceived as spam so really focus on your first sentence and get a link in your first sentence of your email.

The second thing you can do to really boost your email click-through rate is to make sure that hyperlink you use within your email content is on a non-commercial or salesy word. Now, what do I mean? If you hyperlink your brand name or any kind of call to action, people aren’t as curious. They’re going to really realize that you’re trying to sell them, that you’re trying to sell them a product. People don’t want to be sold. They want to be able to get interested in a product that could solve their problems not necessarily be pitched.

email ctr
These tips will help boost your email CTR

So even though your email is a pitch, by hyperlinking an ambiguous word that’s not quite salesy or pique enough interest for people to click through and people be more inclined to click through off the bat of a message like that. Now I can already hear you saying, “Darren, if I’m not allowed to hyperlink my brand name or a call-to-action or something salesy, what the hell should I hyperlink?” Well, that’s easy. Hyperlink words that are ambiguous that pique curiosity as opposed to suspicion.

People are used to sales messages, so don’t hyperlink things that’s salesy. Hyperlink something ambiguous. Say for example, I sold into the entertainment industry and I had a first email that said, “See how I helped X industry achieve results in entertainment.” The words I’d probably choose to hyperlink there would be “how I” or “how to” or something along those lines or “see how” something like that would really pique interest as opposed to looking completely salesy.

The fourth thing to think about is the number of hyperlinks in your email. Why do just one? Do multiple take advantage as much as you can of getting people’s attention. You’ve got one hyperlink in the first sentence, great. Put more throughout the email, the more hyperlinks are in there the more chance you get. Now, of course with everything comes balance. You can’t make the whole email one big hyperlink.

You need to pick and choose different areas based on the previous tips I’ve given you around what to hyperlink. Use no more than three or four hyperlinks in the email. Think four an absolute max if you need to, depending on the length of the email of course, but make sure you do multiple hyperlinks in the email to give yourself more chance of getting some traffic from email. My final tip to you guys in terms of getting a better click-through rate from email is to not use large branded images or minimal branding in fact because people might think if my brand’s there people are going to remember it, they’re going to see the pictures, they’re going to see my designs, my graphics, doesn’t matter.

First of all big images and large images may interfere with deliverability of the email in the first instance. You actually want your email to reach the inbox, you don’t want it to miss out. Secondly, the other thing as well, people are used to branded emails from brands, they blanked them out. The only time to use branded emails is if somebody’s already a customer, they’re already a prospect that you’ve had a conversation with or if they’ve interacted with your content through your website.

Hopefully, these tips will make sure your email click-through rates go through the roof and they get a lot more traffic leading to a lot more sales from your email campaigns. Thank you guys for watching this video. If you liked this video please give it a like. Leave any comments below let me know how you’re getting on with your email click-through rates and see if these tips have boosted your traffic. Check out the other awesome videos on my channel and more important than that, don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time.

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