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Jan 09, 2018

Become KING of the Google Answers Box Featured Snippets


Transcript – Become KING of the Google Answers Box Featured Snippets

I’ve got a secret for you. Google doesn’t want you to go to its search results, it wants to give me the answer to your question from within the search results page on Google itself. I’m sure you’ve seen examples of things like this. This is called the Google featured snippets in search. Now, this is essentially a huge source of traffic because it means you’re above position one, in fact it’s known as position zero.

How can you get your business into position zero? Take advantage of the huge traffic benefits and show your competitors and show everyone that you’re the best in your niche. I’m going to show you exactly how you can do that and that’s coming up right after this.


Hey guys, Darren Taylor here of the giving you tips, insight and opinion on all things marketing. If that sounds like something you like you may want to consider subscribing. Today, we are looking at the Google featured snippets. This is the section on the Google search results page with an answer to your question that shows you the answer without even having to go to a search result and click-through.

How can your business get there? Well I’m going to show you a few ways and a few things you can do to do that. Guys, let’s just jump right into it. The first thing you need to do to think about getting into the featured snippets on Google is your research. I’ve spoken so many times on this channel about SEO keyword research and the importance of finding keywords that are attainable with search volume but also have enough traffic coming through to your website to benefit you. The same thing applies for the Google featured snippets.

Start With Keyword Research

When you’re looking and answering people’s questions, queries or providing any information or insight do some keyword research. I’ve done previous videos around keyword research before. How do you find the right keywords for your business? Well, if you were a book salesman for example you’re selling books online trying to optimize your website towards the word books is a terrible idea even though a lot of people search for that term it will be nearly impossible for your business to rank first.

If you’ve watched that video, you know exactly how to find the right keywords for your business and start optimizing to get into those featured snippets. What’s next? The second thing I should mention is Google doesn’t need you. Now, what I mean by that is quite often if you try and think of something you want to provide in terms of information on Google, if you ask something too broad, too generic, too obvious in a way, Google will provide the answer themselves without any need for a citation in a featured snippet.

google featured snippets answers box
The Google featured snippets are also known as position “0”

Here’s an example, go to Google right now and type in what is the capital of England. You’ll see London pops up in what’s known as the Google knowledge graph. Now this is very different to the featured snippet. The featured snippet takes a sample of a result on page one and puts it right at the top in position zero to show people the answer to their question.

The knowledge graph is very different or the knowledge graph is purely Google’s own data. Google will provide the result because the question is quite obvious, it’s not new ones, it’s not different and if they know the answer they’ll just show it. Google doesn’t need your help. The third thing to think about is probably one of the most important of things and that is to know the format of the content Google Life to promote in this speech and snippet box. Content wise Google likes three things here. They’re like a succinct paragraph of text as the first thing the second thing they like to see is a table of data and the third thing is a bulleted or numbered list.

Let me give you some examples, if I ask the question and you wanted it on your website or your blog with a succinct paragraph it clearly explaining what the answer is to the question, then that’s great Google will like that. If I ask a bit more of a complex question around data and it could have a hundred rows of information. For example I could ask something along the lines of what are all of the NatWest sort codes for example and that will come up with a list of results in the feature snippets as well.

Finally, if you have a numbered or non-numbered which is a bulleted list that’s also something really powerful that Google picks up on as well and puts into the featured snippets. This could be directions so step one do this, step two do this, step three do this. This example works really well in the featured snippets. Any content you create to do that needs to fit one of those three formats or you could try and put a few multiple types of formats in if it’s applicable, as well. A mixture of paragraphs and one of the other two with the tabular data or the bullet point list and that will work really well as well.

Mention the Question

Up next we have step four and that is to mention the question in the title or somewhere on the page. This is a mandatory, I’ve just found it helps quite significantly in Google identifying a question being answered that is to mention the question first of all quite easy, quite simple and there’s no risk in doing it as long as it flows content-wise on your site go ahead and do that as well.

Finally number five, which is the biggest point of them all and that is you’ve got to work on your SEO because at the end of the day the features snip is only available to those on page one of the Google search results. If you’ve got no content on page one then you’ve got to work a lot more on your SEO to be able to do that for a specific piece of content you want to show on page one and therefore be eligible to go into the featured snippets.

I’ve done loads of videos in the past check out my other videos on my channel around growing your SEO and really building that up to make sure that you can show yourself on page one and then hopefully get yourself into that coveted position zero to make sure you’re showing off as the authority, I want in terms of knowledge and questions within your niche and your industry.

Make Sure Your Data is Accurate

Wait, hold on there’s one more bonus point I’ve got for you which is bonus point number six. This is to be accurate. It doesn’t matter what you say in your speeches snippet or your attempt to get in the features snippets if you’re not accurate Google can find out, Google looks at the web for citations of what you’re saying across trusted websites. If you say something like what year did Elvis die and your answer on your featured snippet is Elvis isn’t dead, then I’m sorry you’ve got no chance of getting into the featured snippets. Guys make sure you’re accurate as well, it’s just obvious to say that I feel like it’s quite obvious but in actual fact you will be surprised.

All of these things together should help you get into the futured snippets, get your content into position zero, take advantage of that huge traffic bonus of doing that and then from there you’ll be king of the SERPs. Thank you so much for watching if you like this video please go ahead and give me a like, leave any comments you like below as well. I’m really interested to know how you’re getting on trying to optimize yourself into the feature snippets. More importantly don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time.

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