Darren Taylor

Jan 28, 2019

Basic SEO and Social Media Suggestions

Starting a digital marketing campaign can be a little daunting, especially if you’re not sure where to start. One thing is for sure; it is vital for any company looking to build themselves up in this day and age to have a comprehensive online advertising plan. However, you have to start somewhere so we are going to take a look at two aspects of digital marketing and the basics to help you get going.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To get us started, we are going to take a look at search engine optimization (SEO). The basic premise behind SEO is to improve your website so that it has enhanced internet visibility. Your aim should be to appear as high as possible on the organic search rankings for terms related to your company as you can. Organic in this instance refers to the unpaid for search results, so you are looking to circumvent the need for sponsored search results.

Now, many websites will employ an online marketing agency to help them with SEO as well as other digital marketing needs. But as we are looking to get you started, this section will look at some of the basics of SEO management. That is important to remember because SEO is a big field of expertise.

Some of the features you should ensure your website is up to speed on when it comes to the basics of SEO include keywords, high-quality content and loading times. The first of these is possibly the most important because they are the words and phrases that search engines will be looking for when your product, service or topic is searched. However, be sure not to flood your website with keywords because you risk being labelled as spam by the crawlers that are searching websites.

Social Media

Another facet of digital marketing that you should ensure you are making the most of is social media. There are over a billion people every day using social media websites and you should be looking to get a slice of that action. Much like SEO, there are ways to go about social media marketing to make it as profitable for you as possible.

First of all, identify the networks that are likely to be most profitable to your website. What that means is look beyond the number of users a social media website has and explore the demographics and active users. While starting an account on these sites are usually free, your time costs something to your company so wasting it is best avoided. In addition to identifying demographics, you should also consider what the unique selling point of each social media network is. Instagram is a photo based media so if you’re selling a product that will catch the eye then this might be a good place to start. However, if you consider yourself something of a wordsmith than Twitter or Facebook might be best.

Social media allows you to engage with the general public in a way like no other so make sure you are utilizing hashtags and conversation related to your website to build a following.

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