Darren Taylor

May 13, 2019

A Brighter Future For Your Business

No matter how hard you work and how many hours you put aside to growing your business, there are always going to be areas that you find tougher to keep on top of than others, whether that’s your books, your website or your marketing plan.

The big question you’ll want to ask yourself is how you plan on hiring that consultant that’s going to take your business forward by taking on that one big task that you’ve not found the time to do yourself.

In this article we’re looking at consultants and more specifically, how you go about bringing someone on to take your business to the next level.

Set Goals

You’re going to want to work out what it is you want your consultant  to achieve while they’re working for you. Whether you want your books finally in good shape and functioning more cohesively or a marketing policy that’s talking to the right people and not firing in the dark, you need a consultant to understand your aims.

Be specific, just asking for a better designed website isn’t clear enough, your web design agency will need much more to work with than that. Create a working document that sets out where you want to be and how you plan on getting there. If you can put in real, tangible figures then that is ideal and will help you better plan budget and timeframe.

Set Budget

And speaking of budget this also needs to be made clear from the off, how much it is that you can afford to spend. If there is room to negotiate a little more from your accounts, then keep quiet and only start these negotiations a little further down the line. What you must do is have, at least in your mind, the very top limit you can afford to spend.

Finding The Right Agency

A recommendation is often the best way so if you are in touch with any other businesses of a similar size to you then ask if they’ve worked with any agencies that they would recommend to you.

You’ll find that lots of agencies carry testimonials on their website so don’t be afraid to contact these past customers directly and ask for a reference.

After finding a few names you can start approaching them to furnish you with a quote. Very likely they’ll offer to come in and talk to you about their work and pitch to you then and there.

Treat this pitch as a mini interview and be prepared with a list of questions.

Make sure they understand your work, your objectives and your budget for a good fit and check that you feel you could establish a good rapport, essential if this professional business is going to work.

Once you’ve made your decision and your project is underway, you should schedule regular catch-up conversations to check on the progress of your project and to tick off those objectives as they’re reached. With the right consultant, your business is on its way towards a bright future.

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