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May 21, 2018

6 Tips to Win at B2B PPC in TOUGH Markets


Transcript – 6 Tips to Win at B2B PPC in TOUGH Markets

In the B2B space, PPC provides a huge opportunity for businesses who want to be seen and get customers in the long and short-term as well. How exactly can you capitalize on PPC if you’re a B2B organization? What are the things you need to think about, the pitfalls to avoid, and things you need to do more of for your PPC campaigns to succeed in the B2B space? Well, I’m going to show you exactly what you need to think about. I’m going to show you six ways to do that coming up after this.


Hey guys, Darren Taylor of the here giving you tips, insight, and opinion on all things marketing. If that’s up your street, you should consider subscribing to my channel. Today, we’re looking at B2B PPC, and what you need to think about to get the most from your B2B PPC campaign. Let’s jump right in with the first thing to consider, and that is B2B is more competitive than B2C. You might think that’s crazy because obviously there’s a lot of B2C consumer goods out there in a very tough market, but B2B is more competitive because there are so many fewer customers than B2C.

What do I mean by that? Let’s look at a pair of sunglasses or an iPod or something like that. Imagine the sheer number of people who would want to buy an iPod or a pair of sunglasses or something like that. There’s going to be tons and tons of people whereas B2B is very different. Imagine how many people want to buy a data list of accountants in London, for example. As a client that wants to be a data-list-type, for example, how many people actually want to buy that kind of data? Very very few.

How many companies provide that data? Quite a few actually. In terms of the ratio of number of businesses to number of customers and the potential pool out there, B2B is crazy, crazy competitive. The next thing to think about leads off from the first point, and that is even the search engine results are incredibly competitive. Now think about it, within some niche B2B industry searches, the search results page won’t even be full of ads.

There Are Less Ads in B2B PPC

Sometimes there’ll only be two ads maybe there’ll be three ads, but some of these terms are really high converting and high-value terms for businesses. It’s incredibly competitive on the search results page. With so few people looking on the search results page in the first place you have to fight for every single click. Therefore, your ads and your click-through rate really come into play, and you’ve really got to get your ad copy correct and make sure your USPs and all the things you need to do to make sure your ads are working are in place.

You’ve got to make sure your ads are amazing. Got to make sure you show up your USPs. Make sure you show everything your business can do. Make sure you put yourself in the position to get the best click-through rate you can because there are only a handful of people looking and you want them to click on your site. Make sure you do that. Tip number three is to try performance display campaigns. Now, I know display campaigns on Google can often be unsuccessful when looked at in the first instance.

Well, there are a few occasions where you can use display and it works really well directly and that is with performance display within the B2B niche. Now, imagine doing keyword research for a specific niche. Say, for example, you’re in the business of selling accounting software. Now, imagine all of the places across the web where accountants congregate and websites and blogs they might go to. A lot of those websites may be in the Google Display Network, so this is the great opportunity for you to put your adverts on those websites, build up your brand awareness, build up traffic, maybe have some soft conversion points in there to collect data and then remarket that data later on.

This is a great opportunity to be in front of the right people at the right time because they’re browsing about the subject that you’re into as well and it’s a great opportunity for your business to appear as well. If you’ve got the capability, get making some display adverts and get out there in the right places in front of the right people you’re trying to target with your B2B campaigns and you’ll do very well in your paid search as well because people once they see your brand and they’re ready to buy something that you provide, they’ll go to Google, do a search and guess what they would have seen your advert on a search results page after seeing your banner.

Therefore, they’re more likely to convert boosting your click-through rate up as well. That’s a great opportunity for you as well. Tip number four to think about for your B2B PPC campaigns is that the sales cycle is typically longer. You’ve got to think about this in the implications it has in the real-world impact on your business when looking at the sales cycle within the B2B space. What does that mean? It means you’ve got to look at attribution as well.

The Sales Cycle in B2B PPC is Longer

You may get one click on PPC and it might not convert and you might think, okay this campaign is not working, but you’ve got to look up all of the touch points somebody has with your business from the first click all the way through to the last click because in a B2C cycle, I might be looking to buy a washing machine, for example. I need one because I need one for my household.

I’ll do a bit of research, do a few reviews online and then make my purchase eventually in the site of the machine whereas in the B2B space you could be spending thousands and thousands of pounds. You can be buying a ton of data if you’re a date seller, provider or something like that. You could be a data service provider and contracts worth quarter of a million pounds could be at stake here. You’re going to really, really do research.

Relieve your consideration. Branding becomes important and therefore attribution becomes absolutely key. Make sure you look at your attribution model within your business. Selecting attribution models is one of the most difficult things the business can do in terms of conversion analytics. Take your time, understand where your business is, understand the touchpoints people take to sale and model your attribution correctly because it’s really going to help you get the most from all of your channels, but PPC in B2B particularly.

On to tip number five and this is very obvious to me and it should be for you guys as well and that is you must remarket based on the final stage of the sale. What do I mean by that? Picture a fully integrated marketing campaign where you have different elements, you’ve got people going through an organic search, paid search, through email campaigns, through display advertising. All these different methods of contacts you have and different assets on your website as well.

b2b ppc
B2B PPC is very different to B2C!

If somebody comes into your website via organic search, they go away and they come back and they go away again maybe do something remarketing wise to give them a soft conversion point. For example, the content download piece, a bit of free information to make them interested in your brand and to position yourself as a thought leader as well. What happens if somebody is a bit further down and they’ve already downloaded an asset and then the next step for them would potentially be more of a product based asset.

Say, for example, they downloaded something that’s just generally industry helpful, the next step will be to push them down the funnel towards a more product focus piece. This kind of piece will be something that’s very much in direct line of selling the product to the person without necessarily asking them to sign up. Still a value exchange for the person but it’s very product focus and then, of course, the next step from there? Well, you’ve got to sell of course. You’ve got to sell the product.

Once they’ve done all these actions on your website and they’re going down the funnel, they’re ready to close, they’ve done all these things. Make sure you close the sale by making sure you put the sales funnel at the end right in front of them for them to convert. In the B2B space, this can typically be a phone call just to make sure the person closes. Have somebody on the phone with them. Talk them through the process. Make sure they’ve got all their needs met and make the sale.

Mobile Simply Isn’t as Important in B2B PPC as it is in B2C

My final point in terms of B2B PPC tips is a little bit controversial if I’m honest and that is mobile isn’t as important in the B2B space as it is in the B2C space. More often than not, your non-mobile, your desktop searches will perform better than your mobile searches and here’s why. If you’re in the B2B space, you’re selling to businesses. In the time businesses are looking for services for their businesses more often than not it’s at their computer during their work hours.

These are the peak hours for B2B searches 9:00 to 5;00, typical office hours because they’re the people who buy and make decisions while they’re at work. If you’re going to look at mobile as a device, this is going to be used outside of hours, so there’ll be less searches and I guess less chance of converting as well. Looking at those two factors alone that will already show you why the conversion rate on mobile in the B2B space is a lot lower, but in addition to that as well think about the size of transaction in B2B space.

You’re not just buying something on the fly. People even buy holidays on their phone, but if you’re buying something for a business, that’s a very long consideration purchase where the contract could be two years, it could be three years, it could be even just a year. Regardless of that, the price and the value of what’s involved means a mobile is not the preferred device to do business but that doesn’t mean you should ignore mobile of course because going back to my previous points, attribution is key.

If you’re seeing traffic on mobile coming in but you’re not getting conversions, still look at your attribution model. Those clicks you’re getting on mobile might lead to a sale down the line, so being visible on mobile would still be imported in a lot of cases, but the important thing is to get the data you need to prove that concept. If the concept isn’t proved. If you’re not getting anything from mobile at all, then negatively bid on mobile devices in your PPC campaigns because otherwise, you’re just wasting money.

Thank you guys so much for watching. If you like this video please leave me a like below. Let me know how you’re getting on with your B2B PPC campaigns and how these tips are going to help you execute on your campaigns better. More important than that, don’t forget to subscribe. check out the other content on my channel and I’ll see you guys on my next video.

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