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Jan 02, 2018

6 Awesome SEO Benefits of Blogging


Transcript – 6 Awesome SEO Benefits of Blogging

As a small business owner or a marketer I’m pretty sure you’ve heard blogging is good for your business. However, do you actually know the SEO value blogging can provide. I’m sure you’ve probably heard blogging is great for SEO, it’s great for your website, and it’s great for your brand, all true. Do you know specifically, what can be great for your website from blogging. Well, I’m going to show exactly what value blogging has SEO wise for your business and that is coming up.


Hey everyone, Darren Taylor here of Giving you tips, insights and opinions on all things marketing. If that sounds up your street, you should consider subscribing. Today, we are looking at SEO. Specifically the impact blogging has on your Google rankings. Let’s get started. The first benefit that blogging has on SEO is that it gives you the opportunity to rank for a number of keywords. Imagine you have your website there and you’ve targeted different keywords on it SEO wise and that’s it.

You’ve got your selling pages, you’ve got your home page, you’ve got maybe some product pages, but in addition to that what blogging can do is open up a huge range of subjects and keywords you can potentially target with blog articles. Imagine my business targeted something like red shoes. Now, having a blog is going to really help me because my main website, my home page and things like that will have keywords targeted on them, but a blog will allow me to really open up the long tell keywords, so that I can start to optimize and show up on Google for.

Say for example, it’s that red shoes for example. I can say red shoes is my target keyword on my main website but on my blog I’m going to talk about discussions around the manufacturing process of red shoes. The best red shoes to get in 2017- 2018, all these different subjects that people are looking for around your business, you can target using a blog.

seo benefits of blogging
The SEO benefits of blogging are powerful!

The Benefits of Blogging On SEO Can Boost Your Sales Process

The second benefit of blogging for SEO is that you can actually target such terms that people are looking for in terms of questions and you can answer your users questions. What do I mean by that? On Google right now you’ll probably notice that when you type in a question or a search for a specific piece of information, quite often, you don’t even have to go to the website, Google has the answer for you within the search results page. This is called the featured snippet.

To get into this section of the website, you have to answer somebody’s question really specifically, really well, really get the subject matter down and there’s not better question than of course your blog. If there are common questions people as asking within your niche, you’ve got an opportunity take some time out, have a look at the questions people are going to ask you, answer them really well and hopefully you can optimize yourself into the Google featured snippet.

Onto number three. Google loves fresh content. Writing a blog shows Google you are updating your website with fresh quality content on a consistent basis. There have been a lot of discussions as to how much the impact is of doing this, it is negligible. They’ve been experimenting the past showing in actual fact that more recent content is the better Google perceives your website. Even though the gain may be marginal, remember, digital marketing is all about marginal gains. Make those small little gains through doing these small little things like posting a blog for a start will really help you get better results on Google. So, guys Google likes it that’s got to be good enough right?

Reason number four why blogging is fantastic for SEO is because it increases the overall size of your website. Why does that matter? Why does that make a difference? Well, the overall size of your website means you’ve got more opportunities to do more internal linking to specific areas of your site. Google doesn’t take in external links as strongly as they take external links for obvious reasons.

However, internal links are still an indicator to Google as to areas of the site to take interest in, where new content is being created and of course you can pass authority across your website for linking internally as well and a blog is a fantastic place to do that. When you cover subjects, link them together when you are discussing subjects in your blog. If you are talking about something that is linked to another subject, be sure to anchor text link those to make sure Google really understands your knowledge about the subject you are discussing.

Be a Thought Leader in Your Industry

Onto number five. Number five is that you can predict and write about trending topics in your industry. Now, imagine if years ago maybe back in 2009-2010, I started a blog around Bitcoin. Could you even imagine how powerful my blog would be right now, how much traffic, I could potentially get having started a blog back then around the industry of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. Are you kidding me? That’s so much traffic I would be getting. The simple reason is because I saw an opportunity no one was really about back then and capitalized it on the industry. That would be the perception if I had done that. Of course I have not done that, but that’s another industry area you can look at.

Look at the trending topics in your industry, understand what they are, get ahead of the game ahead of your competitors and start writing about them and low and behold when the trend starts peaking and it becomes more of a mainstream thing, then all of a sudden, you are the guy that has been talking about it for ages, you have great Google results as a result of doing that. When people are looking for the answers of what’s the trending topic is you are going to be in the top position.

Finally, my sixth reason for why blogging is fantastic for SEO is that blogging allow you to create content that can be link bait. What I mean by that is creating great content is of course going to be something that’s well received and when you receive content well, some people with a website want to use it as a resource and link to it, so that’s the idea. Create content so strong that people want to link to it and make sure that you’re the authority in your niche, so the only way to do that is to get writing.

Guys, start writing your content, make sure it’s really interesting, you cover a subjects really well and then from there you can start to get links as a result of the strength of your content. Thank you for watching this video. If you liked this video please give it a like, leave any comments you like below and tell me about what you are doing to optimize your blog and get better results on Google. Check out other amazing videos on my channel and more importantly don’t forget to subscribe. I’ll see you guys next time.

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