Darren Taylor

Feb 11, 2019

5 Tried and Tested Ways to Improve Your Online Presence

As a business owner, you realise that one of the most important things you can do is have a strong online presence. Nowadays businesses are discovered because they have an awesome website, winning social media strategies and a brilliant blog. There are so many tried and tested ways to improve your online presence and when it comes to digital marketing you are always looking for new and innovative ways to stand out. Consider some of the following methods and you will soon have an online presence that is worth shouting about.

1. Focus on Your Website

Your website is probably one of the first things your target demographic is going to see, so you need to make it tailored towards their needs. Contact PRWD and you can design a customer focused website. User centred design is a process driven by user research and data, which helps to design and tailor your website to your customer’s needs and requirements. As soon as you start doing this you will have a sleek, functioning website that suits your audience perfectly.

2. Be Savvy with Social Media

Your social media strategies are going to get you far in terms of business, so make sure you focus on this as much as you can. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest, there will always be a way for you to up your social media game. Try to keep all of your platforms consistent so that you are sending off the same message to your entire audience.

3. Engage With Your Audience

How many businesses have you seen online that don’t reply or engage with their eager audience in the slightest? There are far too many of them out there and they don’t always realise that customers want to see active engagement from them. You could be answering queries and questions through this platform which will help to cut down your email traffic a whole lot too. Don’t leave your audience hanging if they are talking to you; your brand might come across as rude or ignorant.

4. Get SEO Smart

When you think about SEO, it’s probably one of the most important factors about the online business world right now. If you aren’t tailoring your key words so that search engines can discover you, then you aren’t using your online presence to its full potential. Enlist the help of an SEO expert if you’re ever struggling to get the most out of this system. There are also plenty of free tools online that will talk you through every step of search engine optimisation.

5. Start a Business Blog

There are so many reasons why you should start a business blog, so you might want to get cracking right now. Not only will it improve your SEO by a whole load, but it will also give you an additional platform to talk about your products and services.

So follow some of these tried and tested steps today and you will improve your online presence for good!


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