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Sep 03, 2017

5 Free Small Business Marketing Tips You Can Use Today!


Transcript – 5 Free Small Business Tips

Darren Taylor: Being a small business owner is tough. You got so many things to think about. You got accounting and finance, cash flows, stock, employees. Where the hell do you going to have time to find marketing ideas and things to the marketing ways if you have the budget. So today, I’m going to show you guys exactly how you can do marketing for your small business whether it’s a startup, whether a little bit established and you’re not really used to digital marketing. But, I’m going to show you how to do five things for free. I can improve your marketing for your small business.

Hi, I’m Darren Taylor a.k.a “The Big Marketer.” So today as I’ve said we’re going to go through five ways that you can improve your business marketing without spending a single penny. Okay, so tip number one, get yourself a website. Did you know 35% of SMEs don’t even have a website?

That is incredible. With the amount of business done through websites these days, that’s absolutely insane. Why wouldn’t you get a website? Now, I know I’m giving you free tips here so website builders like Wix and the Weebly would be your best bet. So I’ve got some links in the descriptions for you guys if you want to look at those website builders. They’re quite useful. So you can drag and drop pictures around, you can move pictures and texts, it’s very, very simple to use and it got great support system as well with the forum and support guys to help you get through that as well. I mean long term, I’d say you should invest in a website.

A website is so essential to business these days. You can’t afford not to have one really. When you think about all the points of communication you got with your clients so you know, you got social media, your Facebooks and Twitters, you got even leaflets thing and fliers, you got conversations in person, you got emails. Now you need to send all those people you’re communicating with somewhere for your services so a website is incredibly important. So guys, whether it’s free now or paid, get yourself online even if it’s a simple one-page landing page, it’s really, really important.

Tip number two, definitely get a Google My Business listing. So what is Google My Business? So, Google awhile ago change their map service for businesses to Google My Business. So if you jump on Google and type in Google My Business, you’ll be able to see, you can sign up and create your business listing and put a pinpoint on the map where your business is. What the benefits of this, it means that whenever you have a location-based service search, for example, if you’re a plumber in East London for example and someone types in a plumber in Hackney and you’re based there, hopefully, your listing will come up in the little map results to get on Google.

google my business course
I have created a course on Google my business!

So they call the local pack they called in the digital marketing world but we’ll just call them the map listings on this. To get on map listings, you have to go to Google My Business. Sign up is really easy, very, very quick form. Confirm all your details and website and then once you’ve done that, what will happen is Google will send you a postcard. No, they actually will in the post. So, that postcard has a verification code on it. Now with that code you’d enter into Google My Business just so Google can confirm you’re a real person and real address because in the past that used to get spam quite a lot people set up businesses and branches all over the place and didn’t actually have a business there.

So, it’s quite important to use Google My Business that gives you at least an instant hit. On the Google Maps you can see where your business is, people can also find you if they search for your business if they’ve heard of you before. And the great thing about this is you don’t even necessarily need a website, so you’re missing the point number one so I’m pretty sure you definitely have a website.

We move on to point number three. So you got your website sorted, puzzle setup, you’ve got your Google My Business listing in place as well so people could find on the maps. Next is to get reviews to your Google My Business listing. Now, reviews can help your listing go up in the search results so you can get increase visibility on your business. It’s not the only factor and it’s not the most important factor by any means but it definitely helps not just from an SEO point of view but from a user point of view as well. So if I see your business on the listing and you got great five-star review from like ten other people, then I’m likely to call your business.

So, it’s definitely worth doing. It can be a bit of a pain to gather reviews for Google My Business. I mean, if you speak to a customer for example and say, “Can you write me a review on Google”, they may will do it and they might turn around and like that reviewed but in actual facts, it’s very difficult to do it that way. The way I do it is you go into Google My Business onto your listing, you click on Write to Review and when that little window pops up to let the user write a review, copy and paste the link at the top of the page and then save that somewhere. And then whenever you want to get someone to write a review, send them that link.

You can put in your email signature, you can put it and send it to them in emails, in the correspondence, anything like that, anything online, social media. You could share that link with your customers or potential customers so they can either see your reviews or write you a great review as well. So, definitely hang on to that link because they would definitely come in handy.

Moving on to point number four. Another review point, by the way, which is to get reviews from a third party trusted review site like Trust Pilot. Now, I’m sure you’ve probably seen Trust Pilot a lot. I mean, who hasn’t heard of Trust Pilot, most high growth, powerful brands in the UK are using Trust Pilot. So for example, Glasses Direct, DFS, brands like this, Purple Bricks, they all list on their advert on television, online, on radio, they will list the Trust Pilot five star rating. Now, the reason for that is because you and I have both heard of Trust Pilot and therefore the trust in their name is a great thing and is very powerful for businesses.

It’s not just for big businesses, a lot of — in fact, most of Trust Pilot customers are SMEs just like you. So, sign up at Trust Pilot today. It’s actually free for smaller businesses. You can do more complex things on paid accounts. For example, I work on paid accounts on Trust Pilot and you could email, if you got thousands of customers you can bulk email them to invite them to write reviews and things like that but for the case of most small businesses, this is a bit much. So signing up to Trust Pilot is a no brainer to me. It’s a great brand to use, everyone recognizes it and it’s free.

And finally, last but by no means least is to stop talking about yourself. How do I mean by that? When I say stop talking about yourself, I don’t mean don’t talk about your business because that be pretty hard for your customers to buy from you without knowing anything about your business. But what I mean is, in your copy, whether it’s your leaflets, whether it’s your website, in all of your kind of communications, the way you’re telling people what you do and how you do it and how you can help them talk about the needs of the customer, not the needs of what you do, the business or your history. I’ve seen websites for example where they say, “We were established in 1971 and we pride ourselves on this and we, we, we, we, we–” The customer doesn’t want to hear “we”, they want to hear “me”.

So you’re going to turn those we’s into you’s. So, how can I help you? So better example of that copy is, if you want to turn it around then turn that we into you. By all means you can say your business has been established awhile ago, it’s about credibility but you can say, “We were established in 1975 so we know how to help you get the most from X, Y or Z.” So turn it around if you can but if you find yourself saying we try to turn it into you and focus everything on the customer.

Focus on how you and your business can solve their specific problem, not on your history in your business and what you’ve done. The customer couldn’t give a damn about what you’ve done in the nicest way possible. You might have a great brand and a great staff and great people who you work with but ultimately, the customer wants what’s in it for them. So, definitely tell them what’s in it for them and how you can help them. Don’t talk about yourself too much. Don’t be that guy at the party.

And there you have it folks. Five ways you can market your business for free which is saying something in 2017 to get free stuff. So, I hope you enjoyed it. I’m coming at you every week with a new video so hopefully you subscribe and hopefully you enjoyed this and I’ll see you soon.

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