Darren Taylor

Jan 27, 2019

3 Hidden Mistakes That Are Killing Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a very complicated thing and there are a lot of mistakes that you can make along the way. Some of those mistakes are obvious and it’s easy to work out where you’re going wrong and fix the problem. For example, if you’re not getting enough traffic to your website even though you’re using a lot of online ads, you know that those ads probably aren’t targeted very well and you can rethink your strategy. But there are a lot of hidden marketing mistakes that can easily go unnoticed and those are the ones that are really going to hurt you. Sometimes it feels like you’ve tried everything and you’re still not seeing any return on your investment, that’s a sign that you’re falling prey to one of these unknown marketing mistakes. These are the hidden digital marketing mistakes that you need to be aware of.

Lack Of Continued Engagement

Engagement on social media is so important and you should be using it as a measure of how well you’re getting on. But a lot of companies don’t put enough focus into continued engagement and that’s a big mistake. For example, you might be measuring the number of comments that you’re getting on a post and it might be quite a lot, so you think that you’re doing great. But how many of those comments are questions from customers? Often, a potential customer might be considering buying your product but they have a question about it first. If you don’t respond to that question, you’ve lost a sale. It’s not enough to just measure the number of comments you’re getting and call it a success, you need to constantly monitor the comments and make sure that you’re following through on that engagement where necessary.

Using The Wrong Software

Good software can really boost your digital marketing efforts by automating a lot of areas and helping you to measure metrics, but are you using the best software for your company? A lot of businesses aren’t because they’ve fallen prey to a good sales pitch. You might be really impressed by the long list of features on a piece of software and so you implement it. It might make your life easier but if you haven’t tried out the rest of the software on the market, you don’t know whether you could be using something better. This usually happens because you’re not an expert and you don’t really know what you’re looking for. It’s best to use IT consultants and tell them what your business goals are. They’ll be able to help you find the ideal marketing software for you and help you implement it properly.

Losing Control Of Data

When you’re trying to direct your marketing campaign, it’s essential that you make good use of business data. But a lot of businesses make a big mistake by sharing their data with other companies and partners. The problem is, once you lose control of that data, you don’t know where it’s ending up. If you’re not careful, your competitors could be using data that you’ve collected to improve their own marketing efforts and steal your customers so make sure that you know exactly where it’s going and try not to share it at all if possible.

These hidden mistakes could be seriously damaging your marketing efforts if you don’t catch them early so always be on the lookout.  

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