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Meet The Principal Trainer

My name is Darren Taylor and my mission is to teach you digital marketing. I bring you real, tangible and usable lessons to grow your digital marketing knowledge, with tips you can implement today.

I have been working in digital marketing for over 8 years in various senior roles across a wide spectrum of businesses, from international big budget businesses all the way through to tiny small businesses with monthly budgets that required miracles to be performed.

In addition to this, I am a tutor with The IDM (Institute of Digital Marketing) and I deliver training to the University of Greenwich and Hult International Business School.

My team and I are ready to help you. Please get in touch to discuss your training requirements

Your Marketing Challenges

1. Where Do I start?

Getting started with digital marketing can be tough. You don’t know which discipline you should you learn or how to apply it to specific business scenarios. You need to be comfortable in knowing the advantages and limitations of all digital marketing channels.

2. How Can I get Hands On?

It’s easy enough to read guides and books on digital marketing. But you’ll need to know exactly how to complete specific tasks and get hands on with marketing technology like Google Ads, Google Analytics, MS Excel and many many more systems.

3. Who Can I Ask For Definitive Advice?

Everyone needs a guide when learning something new. When you were at school you had a teacher, and it should be no different when you’re on a journey to digital marketing mastery.


Learning Digital Marketing Doesn’t Have to be a Challenge!

Online Courses and in Person Training to Boost Your Skills

Learn digital marketing the right way with an expert coach to guide you. Access online courses that demonstrate specifically how to win with the best digital marketing tools and channels.

Grow your knowledge and become a confident marketer who can make an impact in your business or in your career. Once enrolled on a course or following a face to face training session, you can get in touch with the tutor directly and You’ll see the ‘Ask The Tutor’ link at the top of the page.

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Access high quality and expertly crafted digital marketing courses online on any device. Learn how to maximize your marketing skills anywhere at any time on demand. You can also submit questions directly to your tutor.

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We work with a number of higher education institutions, delivering in person marketing training courses. You can can rest assured you’ll be learning digital marketing from an expert with extensive experience teaching digital marketing.

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